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Project proposals

General information

If your organisation is interested in undertaking a project with AMRF, please submit a proposal via the Project Proposal Template form below.

The AMRF team also wants to hear from industry about ways to maximise the value of the AMRF to the manufacturing industry. Please click here to take our survey. We are keen to receive information about your organisation's research and development priorities and feedback on AMRF market propositions. This market input will be critical to ensuring the AMRF delivers long-term benefits and is primed to support your organisation’s priority projects. 

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Project proposals

  • Customer submits project proposal
  • AMRF reviews project proposal and determines if it is feasible
  • Jointly develop project scope, which informs project price
  • Parties enter into binding project agreement
  • Project is scheduled

Assessment of project proposals and considerations

In assessing project proposals, the AMRF will give consideration to the following and any other relevant matters that may come to its attention:

  • Project requirements: feasibility of the project and project scope
  • Technology and resource availability at the AMRF: alignment of the project’s timing requirements with expected availability of the equipment and expert resources at the AMRF
  • Customer readiness: the customer is ready to commence projects at the AMRF
  • Alignment of objectives: project will deliver meaningful benefits to the customer, enhance manufacturing processes and knowledge, or benefit the NSW manufacturing industry as a whole

Confidential discussions

Proposed projects that align with the AMRF’s capabilities and objectives will be explored further in one-on-one, confidential discussions with the AMRF team.

During the discussion stage, the AMRF team will work with the customer to scope the project proposal and discuss appropriate commercial terms where required. The confidential discussions will also inform the scheduling of projects at the AMRF. While the AMRF aims to support as many projects as possible, some projects may occur before others due to capacity and availability of resources.

If project scope, deliverables, and pricing are agreed in-principle between the AMRF and customer, these terms will be reflected in a binding project agreement.

Please complete the form below with information related to your organisation and project and submit.

Appendix A - Conditions of participation

1 Definitions

Unless the context indicates otherwise, the following terms, where used in this Proposal template, have the meanings set out below.

  • Considerations means the considerations set out on page 3 of the Proposal template.
  • NSW Government means the Crown in right of the State of New South Wales and its agencies.
  • Respondent means a respondent who submits this Proposal.
  • Proposal means a Project Proposal submitted to the AMRF.
  • WPCA means Western Parkland City Authority (ABN 84 369 219 084).

2 Process

2.1 No legal relationship

Submission of this Proposal does not create any legal relationship and is not a recommendation or offer to enter into a legal relationship, contract, agreement or other arrangement.

Nothing in the consideration of the Proposal, obliges WPCA to enter into any agreement with the Respondent, creates a “process contract” or other implied contract, obliges WPCA to consider or accept any Proposal.

By submitting a Proposal, the Respondent acknowledges that WPCA reserves the right to accept or reject any Proposal. WPCA is not bound to enter into a contracting arrangement with any Respondent.

3 Evaluation of Proposal

3.1 Considerations

Proposals will be evaluated against the Considerations.

3.2 Consideration of Proposals

WPCA will determine, in its absolute discretion, which Proposal or Proposals satisfy the Considerations.

4 General

4.1 Disclaimer

WPCA makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of any information or data or statement given or made in this Proposal. Respondents are responsible for forming their own independent judgments, interpretations, conclusions, and deductions about any information or data in this Proposal, and Respondents should examine all information relevant to the risks, contingencies and other circumstances that could affect their Proposal. WPCA will not be liable to Respondents, if Respondents rely on any information or data in this Proposal.

4.2 Confidentiality and ownership of materials

Information submitted in a Proposal (unless in the public domain) will be treated as “Commercial in Confidence” and will be kept confidential by WPCA. Such information will only be disclosed by WPCA for the purposes of evaluation of the Proposal, or as required by law or government policy. By submitting a Proposal, a Respondent gives WPCA and the NSW Government an exclusive licence to make copies of, extract or otherwise deal with its Proposal for any purpose related to this submission.