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The Western Parkland City Authority

We're shaping the Western Parkland City as the social, economic and environmental powerhouse of Australia.

We work with communities, industry, and three levels of government to deliver new jobs and a more equitable future for the people of the Western Parkland City.

Our work

We’re attracting investment to the region, accelerating the growth of key industries, and partnering with world-class education and training providers to upskill residents for the jobs of the future.

We are also delivering one of the country’s most ambitious and exciting projects— Bradfield City Centre—located at the heart of the new Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

The decisions we are making today will shape the region for the next 100 years

We have two office locations:

Our role

Our role is to ensure the once in a generation investment in the new 24/7 airport will translate into new jobs and a more equitable future for the people of the Western Parkland City.

We do this by:

  • Creating job-intensive precincts
  • Creating active, vibrant, and sustainable communities 
  • Promoting investment, sustainable development, and innovative design
  • Facilitating the sharing of financial value
  • Promoting value for money and efficiency in the delivery of infrastructure
  • Collaborating with the Commonwealth and State governments together with the local councils of the Parkland City.