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Bradfield City Centre

We’re building Australia's newest city—Bradfield City Centre—on the doorstep of the new Western Sydney International Airport.

Quick facts

We're creating a beautiful and sustainable city that will be green, advanced, and connected to world-class transport.

Bradfield City Centre will be cyber smart and digitally led, with commercial and community facilities including retail, cultural facilities, and open green spaces.

Advanced manufacturing and other future looking industries based in Bradfield City Centre will act as a magnet for innovation across all of Western Sydney. This will create good quality and better paid jobs closer to home for Western Sydney residents.

With more than half the world's population just a 14-hour flight away, Bradfield City Centre will also be a destination for tourism and entertainment.

The vision for Bradfield City Centre

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Welcome to Australia's first 22nd century city, Bradfield. A high-tech city center on the doorstep of the Western Sydney International Airport, connected by a metro rail line as well as roads and active transport links Bradfield will be an energetic place with life, culture and public spaces.

Bradfield will attract the country's brightest minds, with opportunities at the national science agency the CSIRO and a world-class advanced manufacturing research facility where businesses can design and test ideas.

Bradfield will be a key Indo-Pacific hub, connected globally via the airport, and locally with the existing centers nearby.

At the center of it all is Bradfield, which is perfectly placed to be the beating heart of the Western Parkland City.

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Bradfield City Centre is one of the biggest urban developments ever undertaken in Australia and is the first major city to be built in over 100 years. It will grow and evolve over the next 30 years to become a hub for advanced industries.

Bradfield City Centre will support wider employment, education, and training opportunities in the Western Parkland City and will help to deliver 200,000 new jobs.