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Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility

A state-of-the-art facility in Bradfield City Centre at the heart of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis’ growing innovation hub, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF) will enable the manufacturing industry to drive productivity improvements, utilise innovative technology, and propel the development of research and prototypes into commercial products.

The AMRF will support the NSW manufacturing industry by recognising and building on its strengths, bringing new capabilities and markets into reach, and supporting the growth of new high-value jobs.

The AMRF will offer specialist engineering talent to drive qualified manufacturing solutions with metal additive manufacturing, precision machining, high-value composites, metrology, robust materials, digitisation and automation, and computational design. Our turnkey solutions can then be embedded into customer production lines or implemented with a Western Sydney contract or specialist manufacturer.

What is the purpose of the AMRF?

With state-of-the-art equipment and leading experts, this facility will be the first of its kind in Australia. It will provide a unique offering that will foster a combined industry, research, and education community in the heart of Bradfield City Centre.

Our mission is to build an advanced manufacturing ecosystem by accelerating the adoption of enabling technologies to help businesses improve:

  • Precision – higher precision results, with fewer in-process adjustments and more time adding value to the finished product
  • Productivity – the heart of manufacturing economics is productivity. Increasing manufacturing productivity leads to highly skilled, better-paying jobs, which contributes to a higher standard of living
  • Reliability – understanding and predicting process limitations in manufacturing processes produces a reputation a customer base can depend on
  • Connectivity – real-time manufacturing data increases competitive advantage and enables total process control

The AMRF will enable manufacturing businesses to develop solutions from functional prototypes through to qualified manufacturing processes, pursue research-led innovation, and scale their business quickly, affordably, and to the highest standards.

How can the AMRF help your business?

The AMRF can provide services suited to your needs, ranging from management of large multi-stakeholder projects to turnkey solutions utilising specialised technology.

  • Manufacturing Development – Deliver qualified advanced manufacturing solutions for tailored technology applications to improve productivity and capability​
  • Technology Demonstrators – Translate early-stage research and development to scaled production solutions with advanced manufacturing methodologies
  • Workforce Development – Support upskilling of manufacturing staff through application to incentivise the adoption and effective implementation of advanced technology
  • Ecosystem Support – Advocate for Western Sydney and Australian Manufacturing by providing access, support, and resources for local manufacturers utilising world-class technologies.

Proposing projects for the AMRF

If your organisation is interested in undertaking a project with the AMRF, please complete the Project Proposal template available here.

We would also like to hear from you about ways to maximise the value of the AMRF to the manufacturing industry, as well as your organisation's research and development priorities and feedback on AMRF market propositions. Please click here to take our survey, or contact us via email to schedule a meeting with our team.

This market input will be critical to ensuring the AMRF delivers long-term benefits and is primed to support your organisation's priority projects.

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If you are a business or research organisation interested in learning more about how the AMRF can help you and your organisation, we would like to speak to you. Contact us via our webform.

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