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Koori Perspectives Circle

The Koori Perspectives Circle was established to guide us in how we consider and respectfully work with First Nations peoples and communities to shape the future of the Western Parkland City. 

Members of the Koori Perspectives Circle have demonstrated strong and active relationships with First Nations communities in the Western Parkland City as an Elder, leader or aspiring leader. Two non-Indigenous staff also participate as observers to learn from the circle. 

Inaugural members of the Koori Perspectives Circle include: 

  • Beaudie Cullen
  • Steven Hickey
  • Uncle Colin Locke
  • Rachael March
  • James Russo
  • Blake Tatafu
  • Erin Wilkins

Koori Perspectives Circle members at Bradfield

Pictured: (left to right) Jessica Herder (WPCA Director, First Nations Outcomes), James Russo, Steven Hickey, Rachael March,  Beaudie Cullen, Natalie Camilleri (WPCA Executive Director, Multi-Utilities, Environment and Circular Economy) and Uncle Colin Locke (Absent from photo: Blake Tatafu and Erin Wilkins). Photo credit: Brendan Blacklock of Blacklock Media