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WPCA Community Newsletter - April 2022

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Western Parkland City Authority acknowledges more than 60,000 years of continuous Aboriginal connection to the land that makes up New South Wales.

Since time immemorial, Aboriginal people have managed, cultivated and cared for the landscape where Greater Sydney was established and continues to grow. Aboriginal people hold profound knowledge, understanding, obligation and custodianship of the landscape.

The Western Parkland City Authority acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands that include the Western Parkland City and the living culture of the traditional custodians of these lands.


Hello! I am excited to share with you news and updates from the Western Parkland City Authority.

Our community newsletter is designed to give you a small snapshot of the work we are doing to help attract investment, improve opportunities and support job creation for the eight council areas that make up the Western Parkland City, as shown on the map to the left. It includes links to our website where you can find out more.

In this edition, we introduce you to our new Community Precinct Manager for the Aerotropolis, Wendy, and shine a light on the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF) we are developing to help prepare local industry for the future.

We talk to a Liverpool-based manufacturing company and hear how the AMRF program could help them grow their business in line with technology and create new jobs for the workforce.

Providing targeted skills and training for these new jobs is crucial. The Minister for Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres, officially launched our New Education and Training (NETM) courses last month. NETM courses can teach workers practical and futuristic manufacturing skills in as little as 40 hours.

I look forward to sharing more of our work with you over the coming year and, as always, we would love to hear from you.

Sarah Hill, CEO
Western Parkland City Authority

Blueprint wins

In welcome news for the Aerotropolis, last month’s Federal budget included funding for key projects we identified in the draft Western Parkland City Blueprint late last year. This includes $77.5 million for a business case for Stage 2 of the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport line from Bradfield to Glenfield, via Leppington, and $15 million to plan for the Western City Road Transport Network Development.

This is great news for residents and local business, and we will continue to work with the Western Parkland City councils to advocate for the priority infrastructure projects identified in our Blueprint.

You can find out more about our road, rail and other infrastructure priorities on our website.

Future proofing the local manufacturing industry

We have submitted plans with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for approval to start work on the first building in the Bradfield City Centre, the new city being planned next to the Western Sydney Airport. The first building will be home to an Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF). The AMRF building will provide a space for industry and universities to work together, using the latest technologies and research in advanced electronics and manufacturing.

Advanced manufacturing uses new ideas and technology such as 3D printing, laser machining, robotics and automation to develop new ways to make products, allowing businesses to continually evolve, compete and thrive in ever-changing markets.

We are meeting with local manufacturing businesses to explain how access to the shared-use AMRF facility can help them bridge the gap from traditional to advanced manufacturing.


Duncan Reynolds, SVSR Research and Development Manager

Liverpool-based SVSR is one of the businesses we have recently met. SVSR has been designing, fabricating and installing wastewater vent solutions for water authorities, councils and commercial clients for almost 30 years. The second-generation family business employs 15 people.

“A closer connection to universities through the AMRF is very important to us. It will allow us to attract more graduates, undergraduates and postgraduates into our workforce.”

SVSR Research and Development Manager Duncan Reynolds said having access to the AMRF on their doorstep was “really attractive to a business like ours”.

“We are increasingly focusing on how to deliver more sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our clients,” Mr Reynolds said.

“Working with the AMRF would help us to modernise and grow. Our product has wide global applications, but we are primarily focused on the Australian market right now. Having access to the AMRF’s commercialisation and scaling facilities at the local level will help us to develop our products and services and expand internationally.”

Mr Reynolds said working in partnership with the AMRF would help the business to upskill their existing team, from those on the workshop floor through to managers, and to employ more people.

“A closer connection to universities through the AMRF is very important to us. It will allow us to attract more graduates, undergraduates and postgraduates into our workforce.”

With planning approval for our first building due in the next few months, our AMRF team are connecting with local manufacturers to discuss their needs and explain how they can be a part of the AMRF.

Watch our interview with the team from SVSR below.

If you would like to know more about the AMRF, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 1800 312 999.

Read transcript

[Beginning of recorded material]

Duncan Reynolds:

We're quite a traditional business, we do a lot of sort of old school manufacturing, and the manufacturing industry is changing very quickly.

Kylie Ridding: 

Hi, I'm Kylie. I’m from SVSR. My parents originally started the business over 30 years ago. I joined – the last sibling of the family to join  the family business about 2010. At that time the business moved to Liverpool and we've been in Liverpool since then.

Duncan Reynolds:

We work on sewer ventilation systems for water utilities including Sydney water, many regional councils throughout New

South Wales and we design manufacture and install throughout New South Wales and increasingly throughout Australia.

The AMRF can really benefit our business by helping us expand our products and services range. We work in a very dynamic, fast changing environment - we need access to excellent research, we need access to excellent manufacturing facilities in order to remain competitive and grow our business.

Tony Jankovic:

We're looking to take our business to the next level through innovation of obviously streamlined manufacturing and obviously growing our business into other sectors where our services obviously are needed.

[End of recorded material]

Major government projects community information portal

Our community information portal is now live on our website! The portal is designed to help you find information and updates on the major government projects planned or underway across the Aerotropolis. We would love you to take a look and tell us what you think. Click here to visit the portal

Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Wendy and I have joined the Authority as the Community Precinct Manager for the Aerotropolis.

Having lived in the Blue Mountains for nearly 10 years, I am a keen advocate for equal access to opportunities, jobs and a sustainable lifestyle in the west. Over the past 15 years I have worked as a consultant to local government on a range of master planning and land use projects, as well as for the NSW Government on major road and rail upgrades.

I recently joined the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Community Consultative Committee (CCC). Establishing the CCC was a key recommendation by the Independent Community Commissioner, Roberta Ryan. I will be working closely with Roberta as she continues to assist the Aerotropolis community. My goal is to be a valuable community contact so I can help you find the information you need on the many projects happening across the Western Parkland City.

You can contact me at [email protected].

Koori Perspectives Circle

We are committed to working with Aboriginal communities to ensure that Aboriginal culture and achievements, past, present and future, are celebrated. We are establishing a new Koori Perspectives Circle, to ensure we listen to voices of recognised and aspiring Western Sydney Aboriginal leaders and work together to deliver Australia’s newest city.

If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming involved, then please visit our website here.

Aerotropolis precinct plan finalised

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment released the finalised Aerotropolis Precinct Plan for the Aerotropolis on Friday 25 March. The package includes zoning for the Aerotropolis Core, Badgerys Creek, Northern Gateway, Agribusiness and Wianamatta-South Creek precincts following extensive consultation.

You can read the submissions, Finalisation Report and supporting documentation, including a response to the submissions received on the Planning Portal.

Working with you

As our neighbours we would like to hear from you. We invite you to visit our website to find out more about our work and to share your ideas and aspirations for the Bradfield City Centre and the Aerotropolis.

We would love to hear your ideas and feedback. If you would like to be involved in any upcoming community information and consultation sessions please call us on 1800 312 999 or email us at [email protected].

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