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central parkview east the gathering grounds

Central Park

Located in the heart of Bradfield City Centre, Central Park will be the main civic, gathering place and welcoming point for visitors from across Sydney - and the world.

It will be a beautiful, functional space for visitors, workers, and residents to gather, play or rest, and act as the perfect backdrop for arts and cultural events.

Quick facts

  • Two hectares
  • 55% tree canopy cover
  • Designed with Country
  • Gathering Ground to host a range of cultural and community events
  • Destinational play space for young and old
  • Connected via Metro to the new Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport

A park at the centre of the Parkland City

The design

The Central Park design offers a beautiful and functional space for visitors, workers, and residents. It is sensitive and supported by innovative technology to best care for the park and its users, adapting to a changing climate and a new, growing city.

The standout design feature of the two-hectare park is the striking Sky Ring, framing Big Sky Country by day and the stars at night.

"Bradfield Central Park is an opportunity to honour Country, celebrate the importance of old and new knowledge... not just for today but with consideration of the next seven generations." - ASPECT Studios

Celebrating, protecting, and focusing on the sky whilst providing shelter, directing rainwater, and supporting misting water technology systems, the Sky Ring will be the first impression visitors have of Bradfield City Centre as they step from the Metro.

In addition to the the Sky Ring, design elements such as the Ephemeral Wetlands, the Gathering Place and the Interwoven Heart, a series of woven shelters creating a connected play experience as well as ongoing artistic practice opportunities for Dharug creatives, are driven by the idea of building a space that will be useable and relevant seven generations from its inception.

Detail model shot of sky ring

The Central Park Design Competition

A two-stage design competition was held in the first half of 2023, with ASPECT Studios' concept chosen by an expert panel from a short-list of five leading architect firms.

The jury panel agreed the winning concept met all facets of the competition brief to deliver a world class park that is both elegant and simple, and will respond to the future urban setting of the site.

Read transcript

[Beginning of recorded material]

James Corner:

So there's a lot to like about ASPECT's scheme.

It's relatively simple and elegant.

Dr Libby Gallagher:

There's a real sense of joy and discovery.

Abbie Galvin:

I think the ASPECT scheme had an incredible sort of softness and simplicity to it.

Clarence Slockee:

In some ways the simplicity -- it was very clear and very concise around the elements that were represented in the design.

Kate Luckraft:

It also has so many ways in which you could experience spaces within this park.

James Corner:

It will only get better and better and better with time because the planting program, the tree planting program in particular, is designed with time in mind.

Clarence Slockee:

I think they've been really able to bring a design to the table that shows what you can do in a small space.

Abbie Galvin:

I think it balanced sort of the need to be an urban park and the understanding of its surroundings and its context, with the connection to Country and the sort of response to the Cumberland Plain.

Dr Libby Gallagher:

There was a lot to like about the scheme. I think one of the things that really struck me was the depth of understanding of that place.

[End of recorded material]

Frequently Asked Questions

How large is Central Park?

The proposed Central Park will feature two hectares of open space.

Where will Central Park be located?

Central Park will be located in the heart of Bradfield City Centre, a short ride via Metro from the new Western Sydney International airport and surrounding suburbs including Luddenham and St Marys.

Who is designing Central Park? How were they selected?

A two stage design competition was held during the first half of 2023. Fifteen entries were received, with five firms shortlisted to proceed to the second stage of the competition. ASPECT Studios was chosen by an independent jury that determined the concept met all aspects of the competition brief to deliver a world-class park that will respond to the future urban setting of the site.

What are features of Central Park?

Designed with Country, Central Park will feature multiple areas of interest including natural features such as wetlands, woodlands and native grasslands, integrated art, a gathering space and temporary stage for events, woven play areas, smart lighting and the 'Sky Ring' framing Big Sky Country by day and the stars at night.

What types of plants will feature in Central Park?

Central Park will feature a variety of native trees, plants and grasses to provide an excellent landscape structure and support a range of biodivsersity.

When will construction begin?

Construction of Central Park is due to commence in 2026 in line with the opening of the Metro.

When will Central Park open?

Central Park will be available to enjoy once the Metro and Western Sydney International Airport open.