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Dalmarri GarungarungMurriMurriNuru4

First Nations Outcomes

The Western Parkland City has a rich and continuous heritage of First Nations culture. We are committed to embracing the opportunity to learn from and partner with local First Nations communities to improve outcomes in the Western Parkland City.

Garungarung Murri Murri Nuru (Beautiful Great Grass Country)

This beautiful artwork was created by Western Sydney Darug Aboriginal artists Trevor Eastwood and Jason Douglas (Dalmarri) for the Western Parkland City Authority to represent the land we work on, the work we’re doing, the communities we work with, and our reconciliation journey.  

The Western Parkland City is shaped by the flat plains around Wianamatta-South Creek, the Hawkesbury-Nepean River and the hills up to the Blue Mountains. We acknowledge that four groups have primary custodial care obligations for the area: Dharug/Darug, Dharawal/Tharawal, Gundungurra/Gunungara and Darkinjung. 

The songlines represent the many layers of the Cumberland Plains area, including the grassy open plains with native grasses like the Lomandra and Dianellas, found across this magnificent Country. 

The rich red earth is striking, full of sandy outcrops with engraving markings including the tall eucalyptus trees and plants, providing food and medical benefits for our people. 

Connecting all of this is the lands and animals-totems, sustained by the life-giving waterways that nurture and provide for all. 

This artwork depicts the many clans that travelled along the waterways, paying respect and ceremony of the waterway ensuring they are always cared for and looked after. 

In the stunning Western Sydney afternoon dusk skies, our ancestors are forever looking over us, protecting, guiding, and spiritually connecting us in life. 

Representation at WPCA

Our commitment to partnering with First Nations peoples includes our workplace. At December 2022, five staff members openly identify as Aboriginal at the WPCA, representing approximately 4% of the organisation. We will continue to support First Nations career development and cultural safety in our workplace to increase the number of First Nations peoples who come and work with us.