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What does the AMRF offer?

The AMRF will enable the manufacturing industry to drive productivity improvements, utilise innovative technology, and propel the development of research and prototypes into commercial products and processes.

Delivering solutions to industry challenges

The AMRF is designed to deliver advanced manufacturing solutions to our customers in a production relevant environment. The technical staff of the AMRF is built from an industry focus and can work with your organisation to overcome challenges.

The AMRF can provide access to advanced capabilities for the development of parts, processes, people, and partnerships. Examples of services the AMRF can provide to customers include:


  • Manufacturing process development and access to equipment
  • Field Services: Process assessment & optimisation
  • Research industrialisation


  • Technology demonstrators
  • Functional prototypes
  • AMRF resource access


  • Technology-specific workforce development/upskilling (exposure to specific technology)
  • Embedded personnel onsite at AMRF (exposure to advanced manufacturing)
  • Internships/apprenticeships at AMRF


  • Networking and technology seminars
  • Multi-organisational collaborations
  • Advocacy for manufacturing in Western Sydney and NSW

Position in the Development Cycle​

The AMRF is intentionally positioned to navigate the Technology Readiness Level and Manufacturing Readiness Level scales by assisting with the commercialisation of early-stage research or delivering production-ready solutions for existing manufacturing challenges. The industry-focused approach of the AMRF ensures challenges are addressed with a high level of operational readiness in a production relevant factory.

Stage 1 technical capability

Scheduled to open mid-2024, the AMRF will scale up to offer specialised technology and personnel experienced in the advanced manufacturing specialities featured below. These capabilities will be delivered in an environment designed to support customer compliance requirements. The AMRF facility will be an ISO accredited facility for the manufacture of high value parts and processes. This focus on quality allows the AMRF to assist local companies with the transition to offer more innovative product offerings.

The AMRF specialises in:

Additive manufacturing

Advanced composites

Engineering design

Factory digitisation

Manufacturing automation

Metrology and inspection

Precision machining

Quality assurance

AMRF Stage 2

Scheduled to open late 2026, the second stage of the AMRF service offering will focus on advanced semi-conductor and electronics manufacturing to address capability needs in defence and aerospace, as well as catalysing growth of emerging electronics industries.