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Acknowledgement of Country

Acknowledgement of Country

Aboriginal people have had a continuous connection with the Country encompassed by the Western Parkland City (the "Parkland City") from time immemorial. They have cared for Country and lived in deep alignment with this important landscape, sharing and practicing culture while using it as a space for movement and trade.

We acknowledge that four groups have primary custodial care obligations for the area: Dharug/Darug, Dharawal/Tharawal, Gundungurra/Gundungara and Darkinjung. We also acknowledge others who have passed through this Country for trade and care purposes: Coastal Sydney people, Wiradjuri and Yuin.

The Western Parkland City Authority wishes to acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of this land. Through thoughtful and collaborative planning, we seek to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to creating places in which Aboriginal people are supported socially, culturally and economically.

Acknowledgment of Community and Culture

Western Sydney is home to the highest number of Aboriginal people in any region in Australia. Diverse, strong and connected Aboriginal communities have established their families in this area over generations, even if their connection to Country exists elsewhere.

We Acknowledge the six Local Aboriginal Land Councils whose boundaries cover parts of the Western Parkland City, the Gandangara, Deerubbin, Tharawal, Metropolitan, Pejar and Wanaruah and that they have responsibilities to communities within this area and some have landholdings as well.

This offers an important opportunity for the future of the Parkland City.

Ensuring that Aboriginal communities, their culture and obligations for Country are considered and promoted will be vital for the future of the Parkland City. A unique opportunity exists to establish a platform for two-way knowledge sharing, to elevate Country and to learn from cultural practices that will create a truly unique and vibrant place for all.