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A guide to NSW and Australian Government Tenders

How to get involved in NSW and Australian Government Tenders

We recommend that all interested parties register on the below the websites and apply to be pre-qualified for NSW Government-led tenders.

Industry Capability Network (ICN)

(ICN) ICN is a network of experienced industry procurement and supply chain specialists who introduce businesses large and small to projects large and small across NSW and Australia / New Zealand. They provide powerful procurement and supply chain tools including a useful and up-to-date project list of local, NSW and Australian Government procurement and project opportunities.

NSW Government

The NSW Government typically procures through Pre-Qualification Schemes. We recommend interested parties register on the NSW e-Tender website.

This website has a registration page and also search functions for past, current and future tender opportunities across NSW. As of October 2020, the eTender supplier profile has been replaced with the Supplier Hub. Existing eTender supplier profiles will be automatically synchronised with the Supplier Hub.

Transport for NSW has recently released its 2025 Infrastructure Pipeline table.

Here you filter by project type, scale, region and timelines across NSW-wide transport infrastructure projects.

Australian Government

The Australian Government has a similar website portal of all current and planned tender opportunities.

Please note that WSA Co (Western Sydney Airport) list their current and upcoming tenders on their website

Tender opportunities and prequalification schemes

How to search for tenders and apply for schemes

Step 1 - Create a Supplier Hub Account, register for notifications

The Supplier Hub is your front window to Government buyers. Simply visit www.buy.nsw.gov.au to create a Supplier Hub account.

Be sure to opt-in to receive tender alert emails when new opportunities within your industry become available.

Step 2 - Search for opportunities and awarded contracts

To search for current opportunities, closed opportunities and recently awarded contracts, go to www.tenders.nsw.gov.au.

Step 3 - Apply for a prequalification scheme

NSW Government has a range of prequalification schemes (e.g. Consultants in Construction up to $9 million Scheme). When an agency needs to buy goods or services, it can approach these prequalified suppliers for a tender, quote, proposal, or via direct negotiation www.buy.nsw.gov.au/schemes.

Major projects are procured through multi-stage competitive open tender processes

  1. Market Sounding to assess market appetite and feedback
  2. Expression of Interest to identify potential suppliers
  3. Request for Tender to enable potential suppliers to submit a bid
  4. Tender Evaluation by Independent Panel to assess value for money
  5. Contract Negotiations between NSW Government and tenderer recommended by Independent Panel
  6. Contract Award subject to successful negotiations with preferred tenderer and government approval processes

Engaging on procurement managed by the Western Parkland City Authority

Consulting services

Some of the prequalification schemes used by the Western Parkland City are outlined below.

Consultants in Construction (up to $9 Million AUD)

The scheme covers construction-related consulting services such as project management, planning, engineering, security, architectural services and assessments.

Procurements under the scheme must be valued below $9 million.

Construction Works (over $1 Million AUD)

The scheme offers panels of prequalified contractors for construction and related works to service the requirements of NSW government agencies, state owned corporations, public institutions (such as universities) and NSW local government councils.

Performance and Management Services (PMS)

The PMS Scheme has a pool of suppliers prequalified to supply professional services, including consultancy, to NSW Government.

Government Architect Scheme

The Government Architect’s Strategy and Design Prequalification Scheme is focused on the delivery of strategic advice, design quality and innovation in the built environment.

Major Projects

The Western Parkland City Authority is leading a number of major projects. These include the multi-utility project, enabling works for Bradfield City Centre as well as procurement of contractors to design and build the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

In line with NSW Government best practice, these projects will be procured through open competitive tender processes. To optimise outcomes and value for money, these will usually be multi-stage processes initiated through a detailed market sounding exercise to gather industry insights and feedback.

Details of the major projects to be procured by the WPCA in the coming 36 months are outlined in the timeline.

Important: This information is provided for information purposes only. It is indicative only, does not amount to a warranty as to outcome, and does not constitute a representation, an offer or solicitation of an offer to initiate or conclude any particular transaction.