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Women shaping Bradfield City Centre

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On International Women’s Day, the Western Parkland City Authority celebrates women helping to shape Australia’s newest city, Bradfield City Centre.

Inspirational women are working across all areas of delivery at Bradfield City Centre, including project management, contracts administration, building design and construction, and site security.

WPCA Chair, Jennifer Westacott AO said the women involved bring expertise, talent, and passion to their roles.

“The women helping to shape Bradfield City Centre are realising the once-in-a-generation opportunities this city presents,” said Ms Westacott.

“This year’s International Women’s Day 2024 theme is ‘Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress’. It aligns perfectly with our vision for the delivery of Bradfield City Centre and how the region will evolve.”

Located in the heart of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis, Bradfield City Centre will generate new opportunities for women to work in advanced industries like aerospace and defence, advanced manufacturing, medtech, and circular economy.

“Economic empowerment for women is key. When women are given parallel chances to earn, learn and lead – whole populations succeed,” said Ms Westacott.

“This vibrant, 24/7 global city will unlock new economic opportunities, create 10,000 more homes, and support 20,000 new jobs for the people of Western Sydney.”

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[Beginning of recorded material]

Jodie Vo:

We're at Bradfield and this is the First Building


I think every day The Authority we've got women on the ground. We've got our partners on site, and the people we work with, so it's just business as usual.

Amanda Bruhn:

With this new city there have been a lot of woman involvement and I think that that's helped accelerate the progress.

Marybeth Abraham:

Women do make up half the population, so they always bring unique perspectives and diverse opinions.

Azin Danesh:

Working construction motivates me. There is a good support for female within the industry.

Yerin Lee:

I love building stuff, I love draw. It would be lovely if I could one day become an inspiration for some people.

Jodie Vo:

I'm a big believer in backing yourself, you know you got to have the confidence to know what you're doing and where you're going.

Gina Lee:

I think it's really important that we do Inspire future generations and women to take on these type of roles.

Jodie Vo:

Women building Bradfield -- we're getting it done! [Laughter]


[Endof recorded material]

Meet some of the women shaping Bradfield City Centre

Jodie Vo, Project Manager, WPCA

As First Building Project Manager at Bradfield City Centre, Jodie Vo’s day is never boring.

"Every day there is something new that brings a real sense of achievement," said Jodie.

A self-confessed 'life-long Westie' Jodie enjoys managing the progress on site and seeing the First Building rise from the ground.

"Watching CGI renders, concepts and plans become a reality gives a real sense of achievement and satisfaction," said Jodie.

"I've always had a passion for the empowerment of Greater Western Sydney as a region and its residents. My work at the WPCA and on the First Building is a great opportunity to step into an interesting industry."

Jodie said investing in women is just business as usual at Bradfield City Centre.

"Every day there’s women working in and with the WPCA and onsite, making Bradfield City Centre come to life," said Jodie.

"Women building Bradfield – we’re getting it done!"

Azin Danesh, Senior Contract Administrator, Taylor

With a background in civil engineering and twelve years in the construction industry, Azin joined Taylor in 2022 and is working on the First Building at Bradfield City Centre.

Azin is inspired by being a part of building a legacy for future generations.

“Being a part of the team constructing the First Building at Bradfield is an exciting achievement which will never be forgotten,” says Azin.

“I am proud my work will be seen for many years to come.”

She is motivated by being a part of construction works that understands and values women’s abilities and provides equitable workspaces for all.

“Working as part of Taylor Construction Group, I’ve always been provided with support and opportunities to expand my skills and capabilities in the industry” said Azin.

Amanda Bruhn, Construction Cadet, Taylor

As a Construction Cadet working on the First Building at Bradfield City Centre, Amanda Bruhn loves experiencing every facet of construction from the builder’s perspective.

“Since starting in the industry at 18, I’ve been a part of many incredible projects like this, working with some inspiring people,” said Amanda.

“I also have been incredibly lucky to advocate for mental health and women in the industry and bring new perspectives ideas and energy to construction of the First Building.”

“Women have a lot to offer. Being a part of the construction team brings the opportunity to encourage other women to join construction. Inspiration starts by encouraging younger generations,” said Amanda.

Amanda believes ‘investing in women’ helps accelerate progress at Bradfield City Centre.

“A new city, new generation, new thinking and new opportunities brings new perspectives and project experiences,” said Amanda.

“Bringing fresh perspectives and experiences to the project has helped accelerate progress in various ways at Bradfield.”

Marybeth Abraham, Cadet Project Officer / architecture student, NSW Public Works

Cadet Project Officer Marybeth lives and breathes construction, juggling her role at NSW Public Works working on First Building at Bradfield City Centre while studying architecture at University of Technology, Sydney.

An ‘up and comer’ in the construction industry, Marybeth said the unique perspectives, experience and insight women offer help to enrich decision making and problem-solving processes.

“The balance of men and women working on First Building creates an equilibrium in management which I feel brings a diverse range of perspective to the site,” said Marybeth.

Working on the First Building project gives Marybeth the opportunity to learn about the many different things that go into delivering a world-class facility.

“I love going on site each week, seeing the project evolve and the discussions in meetings come to life,” said Marybeth.

Marybeth said celebrating International Women’s Day inspires others to understand the value women can bring to construction.

“Recognising and celebrating the diverse identities of women is crucial for genuine inclusion,” she adds.

“Creating spaces where all women feel valued, empowered, and able to contribute fully to society is imperative.”

Gina Field, Managing Director, Nepean Regional Security

The legacy of helping to shape Australia’s newest city in one hundred years was too good an opportunity not to pursue said Gina Field, whose security business is keeping Bradfield City Centre secure.

“The decision to engage my company to keep Bradfield City Centre safe allowed me to grow my business and employ more Western Sydney locals.”

Starting out in the security industry 35 years ago, Gina said there was no such thing as ‘invest in women’ but for Gina, women are a core reason her company is where it is today.

“Being a woman in security is continuing to break down the barriers. I employ on skillset and what a person or people can bring to my business,” said Gina, one of the first women in NSW to solely own a female-only run security company.

“I see value in the women within my business who deliver deeper understanding, customer service, creative problem-solving, role modelling, and inspiration.

Yerin Lee, Student Project Manager, NSW Public Works

Recently joining NSW Public Works team as a Student Project Manager working on the First

Building project at Bradfield City Centre, Yerin Lee is excited to see how her work contributes to the progress of the city.

Yerin is in her third and final year studying a Bachelor of Project Management with a major in construction at the University of Sydney, and although she has not worked on the project long, she says it is a safe, inviting space for women.

“I love that everyone is willing to help and teach you about anything you don’t understand.

Everyone knows I am new and still a student. They always check up on me and my mentor always  eassures me it’s ok to not know everything and I will learn,” says Yerin.

“It’s a supportive environment and I feel blessed I have been given this opportunity to learn in this ground-breaking city.”