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Major construction milestone for Bradfield City Centre - Australia's newest city

slab pour bradfield city centre aerial

Media release

Construction on Australia’s newest city, Bradfield City Centre, is moving full steam ahead with the pouring of concrete slabs on the First Building. The multi-purpose building will house a viewing centre, office space, exhibition and event spaces, Hitachi’s Kyoso Creation Centre and the first stage of a new Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF). 

Western Parkland City Authority Chair Jennifer Westacott said the 3,840 square metre building will be sustainable from the ground floor pour up.

“Our first concrete pour brings us a major step closer to delivering the newest, most advanced building in Australia’s newest, most innovative city,” said Ms Westacott.  

“This development is an investment in Australia’s ingenuity. The AMRF will house technology that will deliver everything from 3D printing with powdered metals, to cutting and milling high-precision objects for industries such as aerospace and Formula One. 

The first stage of the AMRF will create new, high-skilled, high-paying jobs in Western Sydney and make Bradfield City Centre the national capital of advanced manufacturing.  

“AMRF will connect manufacturers with world-class technologies and opportunities, helping local businesses to grow,” said Ms Westacott.  

“The pouring of the lower ground concrete slab is a major milestone for Bradfield City Centre. This building will put Western Parkland City at the centre of some of the biggest global industrial advancements.” 

The commitment to using sustainable materials is integral for WPCA’s delivery of Bradfield City Centre. 

The First Building’s slab uses Green Star concrete which contains waste by-products of power station coal combustion and iron and steelmaking, which not only improves the overall performance and quality of the concrete but reduces harmful waste which would otherwise end up in landfill. 

Once the concrete slab has cured, construction of the building’s frame will commence. Bradfield City Centre’s First Building is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.  

Fast facts 

  • Bradfield City Centre’s First Building, designed by Hassell Studio in collaboration with Indigenous design firm Djinjama, is based on a modular design, using sustainable materials that reduce construction and demolition waste  
  • Using Supplementary Cementous Materials results in using less cement material within the concrete mix, which has a high level of CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process.  
  • SCMs include Fly Ash, a by-product of power station coal combustion and Ground-granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS), a by-product of iron and steelmaking, improves the overall performance and quality of concrete.  

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