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Bradfield City Centre joins Sydney WorldPride 2023 with first-of-its-kind installation

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Visitors from across the globe will get their first taste of WorldPride 2023 as they fly into Sydney over a spectacular Progress Pride flag installation at the site of Bradfield City Centre.

Designed by Sydney-based public artists Adam Lowe and Amigo and Amigo, the installation is made up of 209 individual triangles and occupies a staggering 80 metre by 50 metre site.

Western Parkland City Authority CEO Sarah Hill said the installation, titled Pride Parkland celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community in the Western Parkland City and across Sydney and will be in place for the duration of Sydney WorldPride, which runs from 17 February to 5 March.

“Pride Parkland takes the shapes and colours of our LGBTQIA+ history and progress, reflecting the meandering flows of water and creeks in the Bradfield City Centre,” Dr Hill said.

“It celebrates the strong sense of place and will stand as a welcome to all at a local, national and global level.

“Our vision for Bradfield City Centre is of an inclusive city which embraces all - this installation is the first of its kind on the site and marks the beginning of a cultural and creative tradition in Bradfield City Centre.”

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Adam Lowe

Setting Bradfield up right from not even day one -- sort of day minus whatever it might happen to be in the planning life cycle, as a place where people recognize inclusivity I think that's a fundamental need for somewhere that's going to be a destination place.

Amanda Ying

We really want this future city to be a city for everyone so we thought working with the World Pride team very closely we thought the Rainbow City Project that World Pride is leading was a really good opportunity for us to do so.

Kate Foy

I loved seeing the drone footage showing the Progress Flag -- these are important symbols of an advanced and mature city that shows a level of celebration around what we're doing.

Having flags and the colours of World Pride of the of the queer community are ways of saying to the people that visit us "you are welcome".

To know that visitors coming into Sydney can look over the Parklands and their first welcome to the city is going to be those Freedom colours and that beautiful installation, like what a what a magnificent thing to do and what a magnificent way to welcome our visitors.

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Sydney WorldPride Chief Executive Kate Wickett said she can’t wait to see a fantastic display of support for the LGBTQIA+ community this month.

“It is so exciting to see organisations of all kinds across Sydney – from public institutions to businesses – embrace WorldPride in such a positive way.”

Founder and CEO of Adam Lowe Group Adam Lowe found inspiration for the installation from his childhood.

“The installation itself is inspired by my growing up as a gay person in this area – the creeks and bushland I played in as a child nearby are what spoke to me most and they’re reflected in the flowing shape of the piece,” Mr Lowe said.

More information on Pride Parkland can be found on the Sydney WorldPride 2023 website.