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The New Education and Training Model launches

The first New Education and Training Model (NETM) micro-credential on metal additive manufacturing is a partnership between Western Sydney University (WSU) and GE Additive. Additive manufacturing has huge potential in solving manufacturing challenges and will create high-value jobs right here in the WPC. Fifteen leading education providers have now been appointed to the NETM Education and Training Providers Panel to deliver micro-credentials for learners to reskill and upskill. 

Access to highly skilled local talent is critical to the future of the Western Parkland City (WPC). We need to ensure local residents have the right skills to support industry growth in advanced manufacturing and other high-tech industries in the powerhouse of Greater Sydney. 

The NSW Government has invested $37.4m in the New Education and Training Model to deliver 100 micro-credentials over a 4-year pilot. The NETM is a flipped model that puts industry in the driver’s seat to co-design and co-develop micro-credentials, through which industry can rapidly upskill the current workforce and grow the overall pipeline of skilled workers in the WPC faster and more effectively than traditional training systems. It is a game changer in the way we deliver education and training across Australia. 

Micro-credentials are short, targeted training courses of about 40 hours each, which will provide the skills needed for jobs in priority industries for the WPC like advanced manufacturing, transport and logistics, aerospace and defence, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness. Industry is now encouraged to submit targeted proposals for micro-credential courses to the NETM. Additionally, funding committed by the NSW Government makes the NETM free for learners during the initial stages of the pilot and subsidises industry proponents for their contributions to co-delivering or co-designing micro-credentials. 

Collaborative partnerships between industry, education providers, and government are critical to the success of the NETM. The WPCA is currently inviting industry partners in priority industry sectors to help co-create and co-deliver the micro-credentials.

There are a number of ways your business can get involved with the NETM:

  • Co-design a microcredential
  • Co-deliver a microcredential
  • Identify the skills gaps in your industry or business
  • Enrol your employees in a microcredential

To register your interest, simply click here or contact [email protected] to connect with the NETM team.