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Guiding the future of Bradfield City Centre

Learn more about how the draft Bradfield City Centre Master Plan will shape Australia’s newest city.

The draft Bradfield City Centre Master Plan

The draft Master Plan is now open for public comment.

It details how the city will grow over time, creating new homes and better jobs immersed in a parkland environment. It will guide development of the city for years to come.

Click here to read more, or visit the NSW Planning Portal to submit your feedback.

Submissions close Monday 4 March 2024.

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Welcome to Bradfield City Centre, Australia's newest city located on the doorstep of the Western Sydney International airport.

Bradfield City Centre will be a thriving 24/7 hub of culture, creativity, and innovation, unlocking new economic opportunities and creating 10,000 more homes and 20,000 new jobs for the people of Western Sydney.

Connected to Greater Sydney and the world through integrated transport links, Bradfield City Centre will be smart and sustainable, boasting retail facilities, community spaces and beautiful parks and playgrounds.

We're growing new jobs, industries, and skills through a world-class research and education ecosystem - all immersed in a parkland environment, with more than 30% open space, and thoughtful connections to Country.

Designed for people who live, work and learn there, most parts of the city can be enjoyed within an easy 5-minute walk. And with dedicated event and cultural spaces, it will also be a destination for tourism and entertainment for visitors from near and far.

Over time Bradfield City Centre will become a new beating heart of Western Sydney - a city of extraordinary futures.

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