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NETM Skills Passport

The NETM Skills Passport is an online platform that allows you to store and showcase your completed NETM micro-credentials.

On completion of a NETM micro-credential course learners will be issued a digital credential via the Skills Passport website. The digital credential will display the skills acquired, as well as the Industry partner and Education and Training Provider responsible for the creation and delivery of the micro-credential.

Registering for a Skills Passport is easy – just follow the prompts on the invitation you receive when you complete your first NETM micro-credential course.

Once registered, you can view all of your NETM credentials and share them with others, including across social media channels such as LinkedIn. You can also print your micro-credential certificates.

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The New South Wales Government has rolled out the New Education and Training Model, or NETM, delivering short training courses called micro-credentials designed to give you the skills needed for the jobs of the future.

Once you have completed your training you'll receive a digital credential that employers can use to verify your skills.

This credential is stored in your NETM Skills Passport. The Passport allows you to easily track your completed NETM training, link to your virtual resume and showcase your credentials on social media networks.

You will have total control of the information in your skills passport the credentials will display the new skills you have acquired, ready to share with recruiters employers or other people of your choice.

You can also link your NETM skills passport to other compatible educational digital wallets

The NETM Skills Passport is the start of a seamless journey to having verifiable evidence of your training and education in one place.

To find out more visit wpca.sydney/delivery/netm.

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For questions on the NETM Skills Passport please email [email protected]