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The Western Sydney Aerotropolis at a glance

Please refer to the map on pages 12 and 13 of Western Sydney Aerotropolis Australia's newest investment opportunity - August 2022 (PDF, 4.9 MB) for full details.

Northern Gateway

A 1,616-hectare precinct providing high order employment uses including freight and logistics, warehousing, technology, creative industry, fresh food markets, education, health, visitor accommodation, recreation and entertainment. A major interface with Western Sydney Airport, it takes in the approved Sydney Science Park, which will comprise a town centre with Metro rail, commercial buildings and housing.

Agribusiness Precinct

Over 1,130 hectares offering key access points to the new Airport, allowing the development of agribusiness uses which could include integrated logistics, air freight, integrated intensive production, food innovation, fresh product and value-added food-pharmaceuticals.

Western Sydney International Airport

A 24/7 hour curfew free international airport, scheduled to open in Q4 2026.

Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport

A 23-kilometre railway currently under construction that will link residential areas with job hubs, including the Aerotropolis, and connect travellers from the new airport to the rest of Sydney’s public transport system. Work on a business case to extend this link to fast growing suburbs in the South West has begun.

Mamre Road

Provides approximately 850 hectares of rezoned industrial land that will accommodate world-class warehouse and logistics facilities.

Clean and Circular Economy

Potential for business opportunities in resource and material management, water and renewable energy, organics, industrial by-products, construction waste, and household recyclables.

Multi-utility corridor network

Relates to the design and delivery of green infrastructure, transport and utility services to optimise the efficient use of land and minimise cost and waste.

Bradfield City Centre

A 114-hectare city for the 22nd Century, being built on the doorstep of the new airport. Construction will start in late 2022.