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Our programs and partnerships, along with the existing strengths of the Western Parkland City, make the Aerotropolis the ideal place to invest.

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Bradfield City Centre

» underway

At the heart of the Aerotropolis, the 114-hectare Bradfield City Centre will be Australia’s newest city centre. It will be a beacon for a young and an ambitious workforce. Construction on the city’s first building will begin in late 2022.

  • Built on the doorstep of the Western Sydney International Airport
  • Under five minutes from the airport via the new Sydney Metro
  • Indo-Pacific hub for advanced manufacturing
  • Hydrogen ready, net zero, circular economy, cool and green
  • 36 hectares of open public space
  • Vibrant retail, entertainment and cultural facilities

Innovation incubator attracting leading global tenants

Japanese conglomerate Hitachi will be the first private- sector tenant in the Bradfield City Centre.

Hitachi's Kyoso (collaborative creation) Centre will operate alongside the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility in Bradfield City Centre’s First Building.

Australia’s peak science organisation, the CSIRO, will move its physics, material sciences, astronomy, information technology and data research into a new purpose-built facility in the Bradfield City Centre.

There are several ways you can partner with us in the delivery of the Bradfield City Centre. Click here to find out more.


The Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF)

» underway

Located in the Bradfield City Centre, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF) will be a shared platform for collaboration and innovation. The NSW Government is trialling the concept of the AMRF by investing in a high-tech industrial research facility that will be located in the first building of the Bradfield City Centre by late 2023. It will give business access to:

  • Leading edge test laboratories and equipment
  • High-tech, industry relevant manufacturing equipment
  • Reconfigurable research and manufacturing spaces
  • Rapid prototyping facilities– including 3D printing and additive manufacturing
  • Virtual and augmented reality equipment

Contact us to explore the potential for a tenancy within the AMRF

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The New Education and Training Model

» underway

We are delivering a ground-breaking New Education and Training Model (NETM) in collaboration with industry, universities, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers and government. The NSW Government has committed $37.4 million to co-develop and co-deliver 100 micro-credentials through the NETM, creating more than 7000 training opportunities.

  • Focus on flexible, on-the-job learning and blended qualifications
  • Enabling industry growth
  • Supporting businesses to meet their workforce training needs in advanced and emerging industries
  • Access to world-class, cost-effective skills development specifically tailored to industry requirements
  • Giving current and future citizens the skills and training need for jobs in new industries

Contact us to learn more about how the NETM can help address current and emerging skills needs.

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The Agribusiness Precinct

» under investigation 

We are investigating investment opportunities for the zoned Agribusiness Precinct directly adjacent to the new airport. Early market investigations have identified a strong appetite for: 

  • 24/7 state-of-the art logistics, facilities and services
  • Dedicated road links providing seamless connection between producers and global markets 
  • A contemporary airfreight interface operation in the precinct, providing dedicated first and last mile channels for ambient, chilled and live air cargo products
  • 36-hour paddock to plate service
  • Modernised digital supply chain for seamless connectivity between trading partners

Click here for a closer look at our research.

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Transitioning to a Clean and Circular Economy

» under investigation

We are examining investor interest in the potential for a dedicated zone northeast of the Airport to fast-track Australia’s transition to a clean and circular economy.
 We will measure investor and government appetite for: 

  • Decarbonised supply chains, new sustainable products and systems to avoid waste
  • State-of-the-art technology turning wasted resources into new products
  • Intelligent recycling of wastewater to cool and green our city
  • Turning organic waste into clean energy to power new industries 
  • Driving global sustainable practices through research, testing and sharing

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Multi-Utility Corridor Network

» under investigation

We are exploring how to best develop a network of purpose designed corridors for roads and service utilities. 

  • More efficient ways to design and deliver electricity, gas, water and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Potential for multi-use underground corridor alongside roads 
  • Incorporating dual purpose functionality, including usable recreational space

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