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Additional opportunities

Alongside these priority projects, we are working closely with other local, New South Wales and Australian government agencies and the private sector to help deliver a suite of complementary and enabling projects in the Aerotropolis.

Our shared goal is to attract quality and innovative global industries to grow and diversify the economy of the Western Parkland City.

There are significant investment opportunities planned or underway in the Aerotropolis. With a record $20 billion of public infrastructure funding committed, substantial contractor involvement will be required to deliver the Aerotropolis.

If you would like to find out more about investment opportunities in the Aerotropolis and the Western Parkland City visit www.infrastructure.nsw.gov.au/industry/construction-industry/nsw-infrastructure-pipeline.

Aerotropolis Precinct Planning

  • Five distinct Aerotropolis precincts zones
  • Each will develop into distinct yet synergistic industry ecosystems
  • Right mix of industrial, commercial, residential and recreational land uses to grow and diversify the economy

Western Sydney International Airport

  • 24/7 curfew free passenger and freight service
  • Up to 10 million passengers and 220,000 tonnes of freight per year
  • Half of the world’s population is within 14 hours of the new Western Sydney International Airport
  • Generate economic growth and create new channels to connect with global markets
  • Access to purpose-built, streamlined freight handling services
  • Scheduled to open in Q4 2026

Bradfield  Metro exit RevA

Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport

  • $5.3 billion Government commitment
  • Connects Bradfield City Centre to Sydney CBD via the Airport
  • Under 5 minutes from Bradfield City Centre to Airport Terminal Station
  • Scheduled to open in Q4 2026
  • Government funding committed to investigate extending the metro line from the Aerotropolis to fast growing suburbs in Sydney’s South West

The Northern Gateway

  • Major manufacturing, warehouse and distribution hub
  • Front door access to Western Sydney International Airport
  • Home to Sydney Science Park – a 280 hectare project to create an international epicentre for scientific research and development in the fields of food, energy and health

Mamre Road Precinct

  • 850 hectares of industrial zoned land progressively being developed
  • Excellent freight connections to Western Sydney International Airport
  • Significant warehouse and logistics opportunities