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Western Sydney Aerotropolis

Australia's newest investment opportunity

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Welcome to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis

Jennifer Westacott AO Chair, Western Parkland City Authority

The Western Parkland City is the economic powerhouse of Australia. It is home to one third of Sydney’s skilled manufacturing workforce. With a forecast population of 1.4 million by 2036, it is also one of Australia’s fastest growing urban areas.

The scope and potential for private sector investment opportunities in the Western Parkland City are enormous, thanks to its significant geographic scale, growing population and increasing global connectivity. These considerable growth factors are collectively underpinned by catalytic government investments including:

  • A new 24/7 curfew free international passenger and cargo airport opening in 2026 in the heart of the city.
  • Bradfield City Centre – a 114-hectare city being built for the 22nd Century on the doorstep of the new airport
  • $20 billion in government funding for critical transport infrastructure including new motorways, a Metro rail and an international airport.
  • The Western Sydney Aerotropolis – 11,200 hectares surrounding the new airport, with more than half rezoned and ready for investment and development.

Dr Sarah Hill Chief Executive Officer, Western Parkland City Authority

The Western Parkland City Authority is exploring new and innovative ways to amplify the impact of these projects within the Aerotropolis. We are investigating how we can further the investment potential of the Aerotropolis Precincts through concepts such as:

  • A smarter approach to multi-utility infrastructure.
  • Clean green technology.
  • A 24/7 Airfreight Interface concept for high value cargo.

As the coordinating and investment attraction Authority responsible for the Western Parkland City, we are working with all levels of government in Australia and industry internationally to realise the once-in-a-generation opportunities building a new city presents.

This document provides an overview of the vast and growing investment potential of the Aerotropolis. As industry leaders, we welcome your ideas on how we can work together to make the Aerotropolis the smartest, most advanced and innovative industry ecosystem in the world.