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What is the 'Integrated Logistics Hub Airfreight Interface Concept'?

The ILH Airfreight Interface Concept aims to accelerate speed-to-market connectivity to local and global markets for NSW agribusinesses, producers and manufactures.

First, what is the Integrated Logistics Hub (ILH)?

We shared our work on an Integrated Logistics Hub (ILH) Scoping Study in July 2020 (Deloitte), which is available here. Through extensive industry engagement the ILH Scoping Study helped us understand the scale of the opportunity to transform Western Sydney into a global freight and logistics powerhouse. This work identified that up to 300 hectares of freight and logistics operations in the Western Parkland City may be required for the long-term future of an ILH. An ILH is included in the draft planning framework for the Agribusiness Precinct in the Aerotropolis.

As with any major global gateway – airport or port operation – there is a need for ancillary services and capabilities to support the land-based movement of imported and exported cargo. We have commissioned new research to develop the concept of an ILH Airfreight Interface located in the Agribusiness Precinct, in the Aerotropolis, and serviced by the Northern Road, providing access to the WSI Cargo Precinct exit and entry point.


Map of Western Parkland City Aerotropolis

The ILH Airfreight Interface Concept

The ILH Airfreight Interface Concept contemplates what is needed to connect the broader landside ILH network envisaged in the Aerotropolis’ Agribusiness Precinct to the entry and exit point of the airside WSI Cargo Precinct, its tenants and customers.

boxes sitting on a pallet in a warehouse

To unlock the full potential of the 24/7 curfew-free Airport, and based on world-leading international examples, this means:

  • the concept envisages what is needed to seamlessly connect the broader landside ILH logistics network to the entry and exit points of the WSI Cargo Precinct tenants, customers and airside operations
  • dedicated and specialised facilities and processes for shared use by businesses across New South Wales, that can best optimise first and last mile airfreight movements for cold chain, ambient and live commodities.

The ILH Airfreight Interface Concept


An invitation to share your ideas (PDF, 3.3 MB)