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A ‘36-hour farm gate to plate’ supply chain operation in the WPC is capable of servicing more than half the world’s population within a 10-hour flight from WSI and will supercharge opportunities for NSW importers and exporters.

The first flights will start from the curfew-free WSI Airport in 2026 with cargo aboard including fresh and value-added produce, pharmaceuticals, and high value manufacturing components.

We know that Australian products are highly valued throughout the Asia-Pacific, and together we can realise the bold idea of a ‘36-hour farm gate to plate’ offering in New South Wales. In five years, we’ll be capable of servicing half the world’s population within a 10-hour flight from the WSI, right here in the Western Parkland City.

The curfew-free operations at the new WSI Cargo Precinct, with 220,000 tonnes p.a. of cargo handling capacity at opening, serviced by high-quality road freight routes, will provide an unrivalled catalyst for NSW producers and manufacturers to capture expanded global opportunities.

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We’ve been researching world best practice into global supply chains, to see who’s doing it best and what we can learn from it. That research has culminated in the ILH Airfreight Interface Concept Study available here.

The study shows we need collaboration across industry, and with government, to create shared infrastructure and facilities to optimise the benefits for agribusiness, freight and logistics industries in the NSW.

The WPCA is sharing this concept to stimulate private sector activity. Interested parties, from industry to landowners to developers and investors, are invited to share their ideas on how they can help to bring the ILH Airfreight Interface Concept to life. We are opening a Request for Information process to collect information from interested parties about how an efficient airfreight interface could work and to help connect future investors.

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An invitation to share your ideas (PDF, 3.3 MB)