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Integrated Logistics Hub Airfreight Interface Concept

The first flights will start from the curfew-free Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport (WSI) in 2026 with cargo aboard including fresh and value-added produce, pharmaceuticals, and high value manufacturing components.

Australian products are highly valued throughout the Asia-Pacific, and together we can realise the bold idea of a '36-hour farm gate to plate' offering in NSW. In five years, WSI will have a global reach of more than half the world’s population within a 14 flight, right here in the Western Parkland City.

The 24/7 operations at the new WSI Cargo Precinct, with 220,000 tonnes per annum of cargo-handling capacity at opening serviced by high quality road freight routes, will provide an unrivalled catalyst for NSW producers and manufacturers to capture expanded global opportunities.

Research into world best practice has shown that collaboration across industry, and with government, is essential to co-create the infrastructure, facilities and operations to optimise benefits for agribusiness, freight and logistics industries in NSW.

Research conducted by the WPCA – the ILH Airfreight Interface Concept Report – was released at our 'Tomorrow’s City Today' event on 8 October 2021, along with a Request for Information (RFI). This follows our Integrated Logistics Hub (ILH) Scoping Study which was released in mid-2020.

Interested parties, from industry to landowners' to developers and investors, were invited to share their ideas on how they can help to bring to life the ILH Airfreight Interface Concept. The WPCA is keen to understand how the full potential of $20 billion in government investment in the Western Parkland City can be leveraged.

What is the 'ILH Airfreight Interface Concept'?

Put simply, the ILH Airfreight Interface Concept contemplates what is needed between the landside ILH envisaged in the Agribusiness-Precinct, in the Aerotropolis and the airside Cargo Precinct within the WSI gate.

To unlock the full potential of the 24/7 curfew-free Airport, based on international research, this means:

  • seamless connectivity from the ILH envisaged in the Agribusiness Precinct, and/or other ILHs in the Aerotropolis and the Western Parkland City, to the WSI Cargo Precinct entry and exit point, on the recently upgraded Northern Road
  • dedicated and tailored facilities and processes for businesses across NSW, that can best optimise first and last mile airfreight movements for cold chain, ambient and live commodities. 


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