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New Education and Training Model

The Western Parkland City Authority is developing a ground-breaking New Education and Training Model (NETM) in collaboration with industry, universities, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers and government.

With a focus on flexible, on-the-job learning and blended qualifications, the NETM will play a key role in enabling industry growth, supporting businesses to meet their workforce training needs in advanced and emerging industries.

Through the NETM, industry will benefit from NSW Government support to partner with tertiary institutions - enabling business to access world-class skills development that is cost effective and specifically tailored to industry requirements.

This will ensure that, as we attract new industry and create skilled new jobs in the Western Parkland City, our current and future citizens have the skills and training they need to take them up.

The NSW Government has committed $37.4 million to co-develop and co-deliver 100 micro-credentials through the NETM, creating more than 7000 training opportunities commencing from 2022-2025.

We invite industry partners to talk to us about how the NETM can help address current and emerging skilling needs.

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