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The Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility

Located in the Bradfield City Centre, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF) will be a shared platform for collaboration and innovation.

The NSW Government is trialling the concept of the AMRF by investing in a high-tech industrial research facility that will be located in a first building at the Bradfield City Centre by late 2023. This will support the growth of future facing industries in areas such as defence, space and aerospace; construction technologies; mining technology; logistics technology; new energies; and the circular economy.

The AMRF will be a catalytic investment in industrial infrastructure that will enable business to progress research and develop, prototype and rapidly scale new products and processes.

Bridging the interface between government, industry and research institutions, the industrial research facility will house robots, machines, facilities and services that businesses can access to test, prototype and rapidly scale advanced manufacturing products and techniques.


The industrial research equipment will be housed in state-of-the-art facilities and possess core capabilities in digital, composites and additive manufacturing, simulation and advanced assembly It will house:

  • Leading edge test laboratories and equipment
  • High-tech, industry relevant manufacturing equipment
  • Reconfigurable research and manufacturing spaces
  • Rapid prototyping facilities– including 3D printing and additive manufacturing
  • Virtual and augmented reality equipment.

Australia's National Science Agency, CSIRO, will also move their headquarters to the Bradfield City Centre – complementing the NSW Government's vision of an advanced city and STEM ecosystem. CSIRO's new facility will feature state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops for hundreds of its skilled researchers, scientists and workers, helping to create a world-leading innovation precinct.

Roles of the AMRF

  • ADVISE Provide policy guidance and co-ordination of advanced manufacturing providers nationwide.
  • ESTABLISH Help establish advanced manufacturing processes to move new technologies through the manufacturing service levels and address production challenges.
  • INCUBATE Enable prototyping of high-tech, short run production using specialised equipment until it reaches a commercial scale.
  • QUALIFY Making it easier for companies to establish local operations that operate at the standard required by international standards.
  • CONNECT Bring together industry, universities, financiers and government to create the ecosystem needed to support a globally competitive advanced manufacturing industry.