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What is the Western Parkland City Blueprint?

The vision we set today and the investment decisions we make in the years to come will drive the success of the Western Parkland City as Australia’s first truly 22nd Century City.

The Western Parkland City Blueprint continues the fundamental shift away from incremental planning and puts forward the next set of short-and medium-term priorities for Government investment that will leverage the initial $20 billion infrastructure investment and help to achieve the Western Parkland City vision.

The Blueprint has been compiled by analysing the priority needed for infrastructure, the pipeline of future projects slated for investigation, and the opportunities for new and augmented government action. Appendix A sets out preliminary inputs by local government areas (LGA) that may be considered for future investigation, coordination and/or investment to support the delivery of the Western Parkland City.

The Blueprint identifies a series of directions for each vision theme of green, connected and advanced to help guide Government decision- making. Each set of directions is accompanied by priorities for Government action that is required to deliver the ambition of the Western Parkland City vision first established in the Greater Sydney Region Plan.

The Blueprint is a companion document to the Economic Development Roadmap – Phase 1. The Roadmap provides an overarching strategy for how we can maximise the economic growth opportunities for the Western Parkland City, with subsequent phases focusing on key industry sectors.