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Feedback and next steps for the Blueprint and Economic Development Roadmap – Phase 1

The WPCA sought feedback on the Draft Blueprint and Draft Roadmap from the 8 December 2021 to 30 March 2022, the following range of stakeholders provided feedback through briefings, tailored engagement sessions and written submissions, including

  • Western Parkland Councils;
  • peak bodies and industry groups;
  • interest groups;
  • Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALC); and
  • Government agencies.

The engagement sessions sought feedback on the fundamental shifts prescribed in the Draft Blueprint, centred around the vision themes of delivering a green, connected and advanced City. Overall, there was strong support indicated for the vision, directions and priorities of the Draft Blueprint and Roadmap. Stakeholders expressed that they would like to see a coordinated response to work together to deliver on the vision for the Western Parkland City.

Read more in the Western Parkland City Blueprint & Economic Development Roadmap – Phase 1 Engagement Report (PDF, 1.3 MB) .

In response to feedback from the submissions and engagement activities, the WPCA is progressing the delivery of the Blueprint and Roadmap as set out below alongside the release of final documents.

Immediate actions that are being progressed include:

  • Commencing the implementation and delivery of the Blueprint and Roadmap priorities. The initial focus will be on those priorities that will inform the review of the Greater Sydney Region Plan and Western City Plan, and that support the WPCA’s advisory and consultative role in planning and delivering activities across the Western Parkland City;
  • Working with councils and agencies on ways to integrate state and local infrastructure priorities commencing with the preparation of infrastructure profiles for high-growth precincts in South West Sydney. This work will expand the initial place-based infrastructure analysis that focused on the Aerotropolis and Greater Penrith to Eastern Creek areas;
  • Developing a stronger city-wide evidence base to inform priorities for infrastructure and economic growth drawing existing and emerging programs and initiatives for growing the green economy and enriching the parkland environment, improving local and global connections and investment driven by innovation, skills and city strengths;
  • Preparing a detailed assessment of the economic geography of each government area with councils. Matters for consideration include:
    • the scale of the economic activity of LGAs and the Parkland City;
    • activity levels across LGAs;
    • the arc of economic development over time;
    • changes in industry composition;
    • the drivers of development; and
    • comparative analysis with neighbouring regions/economies;;
  • Continuing to progress the deep dives for the priority industry sectors outlined in the Roadmap. This includes input from businesses, starting with defence, followed by freight and logistics, with reports released for each industry sector. The deep dives are providing an understanding of industry dynamics, including strategic context, the current state of the industry in the Parkland City and the key drivers that can underpin further investment;
  • Releasing background and technical reports which informed the development of the Blueprint and Roadmap. Refer to our Blueprint and Economic Development Roadmap Resources page.
  • Continuing collaboration with peak bodies, councils and other organisations to establish greater transparency and deeper evidence base of infrastructure investment. This will support economic strengths and opportunities in the Parkland City and inform exploration and development of new priorities and industry sectors.

Looking forward, the WPCA commits to:

  • Working with Councils, agencies and the GCC to identify opportunities to address key issues through the Western Sydney City Deal, the Six Cities Region Plan and updates to the Western Parkland City Plan
  • Scoping future updates of the Blueprint in consultation with key stakeholders, having regard to:
    • the Western Sydney City Deal;
    • the development of a stronger City-wide evidence base that draws on current programs such as the 2022 round of Community Strategic Plans in each local government area and updates to local economic and housing strategies; and
    • the progression of current Blueprint priorities.