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Skills and education

The commitments are at various stages of design and delivery. Updated milestones are published each year in the annual report which can be viewed here.

S1 - TAFE Skills Exchange near Western Sydney Airport


TAFE NSW will work with the Australian Government and Western Sydney Airport Corporation (WSA Co Ltd) to establish a skills exchange near the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport, to provide local training for the workers needed to construct the airport and other major projects.

S2 - Education partnership


The NSW Government will seek to establish a partnership agreement on education to identify and deliver more education facilities for the Western Parkland City to support urban growth over time, in a manner consistent with the School Assets Strategic Plan.

S3 - STEM University


The NSW Government will call for proposals from leading global universities and industry to form part of an integrated aerospace institute in the Aerotropolis.

Read the Media Release about the university here (PDF, 118 KB) .

S4 - VET facility in the Aerotropolis


The NSW Government will establish a permanent Vocational Education and Training (VET) facility in the Aerotropolis with a focus on construction, aviation and aeronautical-related engineering to support residents of the Western Parkland City to access jobs of the future.

S5 - New public high school focused on the aerospace and aviation industries


The NSW Government will build a new public high school in the Aerotropolis with vocational links to Western Sydney Airport and the aerospace and aviation industries, preparing students for future job opportunities.


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