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Planning and housing

The commitments are at various stages of design and delivery. Updated milestones are published each year in the annual report which can be viewed here.

P1 - Housing targets for the Western Parkland City


The NSW Government will set and publish 5 and 20-year housing targets for each Western Parkland Councils area (LGA) to deliver at least 184,500 homes over the next 20 years, consistent with the targets in the Western City District Plan.

P2 - Fast-track local housing strategies


The Australian and NSW governments will accelerate adoption of new Local Environmental Plans, and associated local housing strategies, by providing $2.5 million incentive payments to Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Liverpool, Penrith and Wollondilly. New plans will be agreed within two years, and set a course to achieve local housing targets and better quality outcomes for local communities.

P3 - New Growth Area for the Greater Penrith to Eastern Creek corridor


The Australian and NSW governments will undertake land use and infrastructure planning for a new Growth Area for the Greater Penrith to Eastern Creek corridor. This will ensure new housing can be planned, delivered and integrated with new infrastructure such as schools, health care and transport.

Read more about planning for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

P4 - Uniform local government engineering design standards and telecommunications planning


The Australian Government will support council development of uniform, best practice local government engineering design standards to simplify the development assessment process, deliver better outcomes for local residents and reduce costs to homebuyers.

The NSW and local governments will support enhanced telecommunications and connectivity outcomes through better consideration of telecommunications needs in planning processes in line with national best practice – ensuring appropriate design for telecommunications services in new developments and the public domain.

P5 - Growth Infrastructure Compacts


The NSW Government will establish Growth Infrastructure Compacts for the Western Parkland City. The compacts will coordinate planning and delivery of new jobs and housing supply and ensure that the required infrastructure is delivered as it is needed.

P6 - Western Sydney Planning Partnership


The NSW Government will create a new planning partnership with the Western Parkland City Councils – Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Penrith, Campbelltown, Camden, Fairfield and Wollondilly, and also Blacktown City Council to achieve more efficient and higher quality outcomes.

P7 - Transport and water infrastructure models


The NSW and Australian Governments will develop transport and water infrastructure models to plan innovatively for future infrastructure needs. These models will accelerate land use planning and development assessment processes and streamline infrastructure delivery. They will also support the Western Sydney Place-based Infrastructure Compacts (PICs).


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