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The commitments are at various stages of design and delivery. Updated milestones are published each year in the annual report which can be viewed here.

C1 - Deliver rail for the Western City


The Australian and NSW governments will deliver the first stage of Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport (Stage 1 of the North South Rail Link) from St Marys to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis via Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport.

As a first step, the NSW Government will protect suitable corridors for future rail connections in Western Sydney. Both governments will contribute up to $50 million each to a business case process, in consultation with local government. This will include investigation of integrated transport and delivery options for a full North South Rail Link from Schofields to Macarthur and a South West Rail Link to connect Leppington to the Western Sydney Airport via an interchange at the Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis.

The Australian and NSW governments will be equal partners in funding the first stage of the North South Rail Link and have a shared objective to connect rail to Western Sydney Airport in time for opening, informed by the business case.

C2 - Rapid bus service for the Western City


The NSW Government will establish rapid bus services from the metropolitan centres of Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown to Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport before it opens in 2026, and to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

C3 - Western City Digital Action Plan


Local governments will lead the development of a Western City Digital Action Plan in collaboration with the Australian and NSW governments, and industry partners. The Digital Action Plan focuses on how the tiers of government coordinate effort.

C4 - Smart Western City Program


The NSW Government will deliver a Smart Western City Program (SWCP) to enable NSW agencies to embed interoperable smart and secure technology – such as transport and utility monitoring systems – into new infrastructure as it is rolled out.

C5 - 5G Strategy


The NSW and local governments will develop a 5G strategy for the Western Parkland City, which will include partnering with a telecommunications carrier to deliver a trial of 5G technology.

C6 - Openly available data sets


NSW and local governments will explore, identify and make data publicly available in line with open-data principles. To facilitate this, the Australian Government will establish a Western Parkland City data catalogue on data.gov.au and NationalMap, and support local governments to fully utilise the platform. Better access to local data has the potential to drive innovation and improved service delivery across the Western Parkland City.


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