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There's still time to suggest a new name for a new place in the Western Parkland City!

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Minister Stuart Ayres:

Hi there. Stuart Ayres here, the Minister for Western Sydney and I just want to say, time is running out for you to be part of history with the naming of Sydney's third city - the Aerotropolis.

The 20th of September is when your suggestions for names for this wonderful new third city of Sydney comes to a close.

So make sure you take the full opportunity to be part of history - help us name the third city, the heart of Western Sydney around our airport and the future area for growth of jobs, science, technology, engineering and the future of our Outer Western Sydney area.

We want your support to come up with a new name for our third city and you've got till the 20th of September to do so.

For more information just google "Aerotropolis name".

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