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Careers in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis (Western Sydney Careers Expo 2020)

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Looking for your future career in Western Sydney?

So you can learn and work closer to home?

There are 200,000 new jobs coming to Western Sydney over the next 30 years.

With great opportunities in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis the city being built around the new Western Sydney Airport.

It will have a new city centre with everything that makes a place great.

With high tech industry, business, transport, education, culture…and coffee!

So if you’re weighing up your choices for future careers, study or retraining here are some brilliant ideas for jobs in the new Aerotropolis.

We’ll need some people with construction, planning and design skills to make the city.

STEM skills for jobs in advanced manufacturing like robotics and 3D printing and for space, aerospace, defence and computing industries.

Freight and logistics skills to get goods around the world efficiently.

And people with the latest high tech food production know-how.

People with creative skills to bring the city to life.

Business, financial and management skills to support a thriving economy.

Research skills to support to new industries, solve problems and think differently.

And a-maze-ing people who can find new ways to manage water, waste and energy to improve sustainability and manage our environment better.

The city will have a new campus with Australia’s best universities.

And options for lifelong learning wherever you’re headed with your career.

So if any of these career ideas hit the spot for you ask your careers advisor for more info or visit our website

Build your future in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

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