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What is the Aerotropolis and what does it mean for Western Sydney?

The Aerotropolis will be more than just a city around an airport - this short video explains what the city of the future could look like, and how will it feel to live and work there.

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Male voice:

We live in Western Sydney because we love the energy, diversity and sense of community. But we want it to be better connected, with more opportunities to work and learn closer to home.

So, let's take a look at what Western Sydney could look like 30 years into the future if we start making the right changes now…

The locals are catching up at a Wianamatta South Creek community event, hosted in one of the City's parks, where green spaces keep everyone cool.

Local high school student Soo-ah, is chatting to members of her community about their careers, as she decides what to study at university.

30 years ago, Dan took the opportunity to retrain, moving from tool-making into hybrid manufacturing as technology evolved – and because he loves a challenge!

Jack launched his ag-tech start-up 10 years ago and is now selling into Asia. Because Western Sydney is so well connected, he was able to scale his business quickly.

Tamara has always lived and worked in the Western Parkland City. Her job as a data scientist in aerospace engineering is 20 minutes from home, which gives her more time to do the things she loves.

With shops, parks, cafes, schools, restaurants, healthcare and leisure activities, life in the Western Parkland City is thriving.

In 2050, Soo-ah is ready to take the next step in her Western Sydney story.

In 2020, the Western Parkland City is ready to take the next step, too.

We're talking to business, industry, education and researchers to make sure we get this right, because planning is complex and doing it well takes time.

We have all levels of government working together to make the most of the new airport and the city around it.

We're creating 200,000 skilled and sustainable jobs close to home. This needs new and expanded networks for active transport, trains, buses and roads to create a 30-minute smart city with great places for us all to work, learn and live.

So where is your story taking you?

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