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Western Sydney Airport Agribusiness Precinct Study

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The world population is growing and it's growing fast. In 2050 earth will be home to two and a half billion more people than it does today. Sydney's population alone is forecast to swell by 60 per cent. It's predicted 80 per cent of the global population will be living in enormous cities with more and more people able to afford a healthy life. It's estimated that feeding all these people will require 70 per cent more fresh, nutritious and tasty food.

So what might a world-leading agribusiness precinct look like in Western Sydney that could boost the supply of sustainably produced fresh food to Sydney and the world?

Western Sydney is one of Australia's fastest-growing regions, just 50 kilometres from Sydney's Central Business District. At the heart of this thriving region will be the new Western Sydney Airport. Currently under construction, Australia's first, 21st century international airport brings with it a unique opportunity for existing and new industries, including agribusinesses.

With twice the capacity of Sydney Airport, and 24-hour operations, business opportunities with Asia, the Middle-East, Europe and the Americas will be more accessible than ever.

Surrounding the new airport is the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. A truly greenfield opportunity to build a 21st century city from the ground up. Underpinned by the 20 billion dollar City Deal, it's the largest planning and investment partnership in Australia's history and a priority for all levels of government. This 20-year agreement will deliver significant infrastructure, lifestyle and amenity investments, and employment opportunities for the broader Western Parkland City in which the Aerotropolis is located. With a connected, international, curfew-free airport at its core, the Aerotropolis will offer a diversity of jobs across multiple sectors.

The Western Sydney Airport Agribusiness Precinct Feasibility Study, considered the concept of a world-leading Agribusiness Precinct within the Aerotropolis adjoining the new Western Sydney Airport. The Agribusiness Precinct will enable delivery from farm gate to international consumer plate within 24 hours.

Broad-reaching engagement across industry, community and the three levels of government is ongoing. Partnerships with two, early-adopter, key anchor tenants are now in place. With more discussions underway, early-adopter partners have a unique opportunity to help plan infrastructure and facilities to drive the development of industry-specific precincts.

The Feasibility Study valued existing agricultural production in the region at approximately 169 million dollars. The Agribusiness Precinct could boost these existing industries with new opportunities to grow and co-locate with new industries, taking advantage of shared infrastructure and utilities.

In terms of new industries, protected cropping is the most attractive proposition due to its high financial yields, with its ability to produce more with less and its climate-resilience. Other investment opportunities include berry production and land-based aquaculture.

The study further analysed the viability of a world-class, integrated, intensive production hub at the Agribusiness Precinct. Underpinned by increasing demand for fresh food from domestic and overseas markets, the study found that the Agribusiness Precinct has the potential to transform fresh food production in Australia. And with the circular economy opportunities the Precinct presents, including innovative water, waste and energy solutions it really could be the game-changer as the emerging Western Parkland City grows and changes.

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