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Historic ceremony marks creation of Australia’s newest city

A Site Cleansing ceremony was conducted by Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council at the site of the future Bradfield City Centre to mark the beginning of work on Australia’s newest city and to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians. 

The Site Cleansing is a significant moment in history and marks respect to Australia’s First People who are descendants of the oldest continuing culture in the world. 

Acknowledging the Traditional Custodians, Elders and community forms the foundation of a culturally safe workplace. This is important for our Aboriginal workers who will be the first on site to begin construction of Australia’s newest city. 

NPM Indigenous have been commissioned to install a site office to facilitate visits to the 115ha Bradfield City Centre, the new urban and employment area adjacent to the Western Sydney International Airport.

“Bradfield City Centre will be a city of the future with remarkable ancient ties to the past,” Minister Ayres said.

“We describe it as Australia’s first 22nd Century City and mark the passage of time in centuries. Aboriginal people talk about the passage of time in millennia. 

“This site cleansing recognises that Connection to Country will be a huge focus for shaping Bradfield, as this place is reimagined.

“This year we will break ground for the First Building, a state-of-the art share-use advanced manufacturing facility designed by Hassell Studios in partnership with Djinjama Cultural Design and Research. It will foster innovation and improve the job prospects of all people in the Western Parkland City.

“The NSW Government has announced more than $1 billion to start building the Bradfield City Centre and the site cleansing will be just the start of our inclusive approach to working with First Nations people. Bradfield, Australia’s first Net Zero, hydrogen ready city, will eventually be home to the CSIRO and a fully developed Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility.”

The development of the Bradfield City Centre represents a new chapter for our region.

Building sustainable education and employment opportunities for First Peoples, as well as the various ways in which our vibrant local Aboriginal cultural heritage will be acknowledged and celebrated, said Melissa Williams, CEO Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council.

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