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Integrated Logistics Hub: Taking Western Sydney to the world. Literally!

In news that put a smile on our dial, a scoping study recently commissioned by WCAA has confirmed that our planned state-of-the-art Integrated Logistics Hub will be an absolute game-changer for the agribusiness, trade, import and export industries of the Western Parkland City.

Planned as part of the Agribusiness Precinct, the hub will connect to the 24/7 Western Sydney International Airport, delivering a multi-modal supply chain solution for the Aerotropolis, Greater Sydney and Regional NSW. It's landside to air-side linkages will provide safe, secure and seamless connectivity to domestic and international markets for inbound and outbound freight.

It's a huge opportunity for the Western Parkland City and its experienced grapevine of local growers and producers of wonderfully fresh, quality produce. Via the hub, produce could go from paddock to international plate within 36 hours. And in less than 10, to Asia Pacific markets!

Not to mention the opportunities for locally-produced textiles, industrial materials, pharmaceuticals, technology and a range of other marketable goods to travel via this new 24/7 global freight gateway.

There has been a lot of interest and support for the idea from across government, industry and local business, who have told us that to improve global competitiveness they need improved connectivity between local producers and manufacturers and overseas markets, proximity to the airside operations, technology to help support supply chains and connectivity to the rest of the network.

You can read the full study here (PDF, 7.9 MB) .

The next step will be the creation of a delivery strategy for the hub, in partnership with government, industry and the community. This will be a state-of-the-art global gateway facility, with digitally enhanced systems, processes and platforms to enable the rapid distribution of high-value products.

It all ties back to our ultimate vision for the Western Parkland City and Western Sydney Aerotropolis: we are building a smart city from the ground-up to integrate and amplify local industry and community with new opportunities for skilled careers, business, education and connected, sustainable lifestyles.

Our plans for the broader Agribusiness Precinct are outlined here. In addition to the Integrated Logistics Hub, we're also planning:

  • An Integrated Intensive Production Hub to support the small and large-scale production and value-adding of sustainable, high-quality fresh produce and pre-prepared consumer foods, bringing opportunities to existing and new businesses, markets and products
  • A Food and Pharma Hub to deliver a major fresh food distribution point and create a collaborative, high value-added and integrated sector.
  • The Australian Centre of Excellence in Food Innovation, which will be an industry-led powerhouse in food science, tech, engineering and math.


Western City Aerotropolis Integrated Logistics Hub Scoping Study - July 2020 (PDF, 7.9 MB)

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