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Mamre Road Industrial Precinct approved, bringing jobs and opportunities to the Western Parkland City

The Mamre Road Industrial Precinct was today given the green light by the NSW Government: a significant step forward for the future of employment and industry in the Western Parkland City.

The $2.6 million precinct will unlock 850 hectares of new industrial land, providing opportunities for local, national and global businesses to set up shop within the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

Plans for the massive estate include major warehousing, manufacturing, logistics and circular economy operations

Importantly, precinct planning also includes green spaces, cycling and walking paths: creating not just an industrial zone, but a more liveable, vibrant area for workers and residents. A further 70 hectares of conservation land, including the Cumberland Plain Woodland, will also be protected.

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Over the past 12 months, New South Wales has experienced change on an unprecedented scale.

The Mamre Road Precinct is one of 24 projects included in the NSW Government's Planning System Acceleration Program, that is fast-tracking planning assessments to keep people in jobs and the economy moving in the wake of the bushfires and the more recent pandemic.

In the short-term, the project will create more than 5,200 jobs during the construction phase alone. In the longer-term, it could provide more than 17,000 new jobs in Western Sydney.

Planning for the Aerotropolis more broadly continues. As the Western City & Aerotropolis Authority looks to the future, we know we need to do things differently to ensure resilience, sustainability and opportunity.

The Aerotropolis will be a people-centric smart city flush with new industry and investment and ripe for economic growth. A city that will tap into the existing strengths and momentum of Liverpool, Penrith, Campbelltown and the entire Western Parkland City to deliver thousands of jobs, advance education and boost the performance and capability of local business.

Built around the 24/7 Western Sydney International Airport, the Aerotropolis will feature a hub for advanced manufacturing (e.g. 3D printing, robotics and artificial intelligence); aerospace and defence; an agribusiness precinct for high tech food production; global freight and logistics; and accessible training and education.

The city will kick-start the delivery of more than 200,000 jobs and supercharge the employment trajectory of the Western Parkland City. And not just skilled industry, but a whole range of careers and business opportunities as we plan and construct a new city centre with businesses, shops, parks, schools, recreational and cultural places.

More information

For more information read the Authority's Strategy Delivering the Western Parkland City (PDF, 13 MB) or watch this video that explains it in more real terms.

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