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NSW Space Industry Development Strategy launched

The NSW Space Industry Development Strategy has achieved lift-off, outlining a plan to ensure that NSW will be at the forefront of the rapidly growing billion-dollar space industry.

This includes developing a thriving space industry presence in the Aerotropolis, focussed initially on the manufacture and testing of space/satellite componentry – i.e. the bits and pieces needed to send satellites into orbit and keep them there!

The Authority is hard at work establishing a hub of innovative space sector leaders within the Aerotropolis, with MoUs signed with the Australian Space Agency (ASA), CSIRO, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems Australia.

Imagine: components built in Western Sydney could one day be circling the globe.

NSW is currently home to just over 40% of Australian space-based business. Across the globe, the space industry is estimated to be worth more than $420 billion.

It's a huge opportunity for Western Sydney to transform into one of Australia's leading hubs of research, innovation and production of space-enabled technologies.

And with education in the Aerotropolis to prioritise STEM, the Western Parkland City could be ripe with exciting new learning pathways and skilled careers in aerospace and related industries.

More information

Download the NSW Space Industry Development Strategy to learn more about the full $5 million Strategy, which also includes plans to deliver a National Space Industry Hub within the Sydney Innovation and Technology Precinct. 

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