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Market sounding underway for the Western City & Aerotropolis

It’s the first step in the formal market sounding processes across the AMRP, the Agri-business precinct and a freight and logistic hub and a welcome piece of news for businesses interested in being part of the delivery and operation of Sydney’s future-focused city.

Over the coming weeks, the 19 Foundation Partners will work closely with the Western City & Aerotropolis Authority to determine the nature, scope and requirements for the Aerotropolis.

Collaboration with our expert partners will ensure the Aerotropolis is best-placed to deliver on its promise to bring futuristic innovations in education, research, food production and manufacturing to Western Sydney.

The curation process will map the opportunities available for local and international businesses to be involved in the delivery and operation of the Aerotropolis, not just in education and AMRP, but also agribusiness, freight and logistics.

More information, news and developments will be posted to the website in the coming weeks.

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We look forward to bringing together the best in the Government and industry to develop, plan and deliver what will be Sydney’s first 22nd century city: a game-changing hub for economic growth, employment and new opportunities for people to live, work and thrive in Greater Sydney.

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