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HASSEL First Bldg view

Message from the Chair

I am honoured to chair the Western Parkland City Authority, which is tasked with co-ordinating the growth of the Western Parkland City. Government investment will transform the Western Parkland City into a modern centre of advanced industries for Australia and the world.

Driving this transformation will be Bradfield City Centre, a home to advanced industries such as defence and commercial aerospace, automated warehousing and supply chains, autonomous vehicles, modular building systems, battery storage and recycling. The city will also be home to the CSIRO and a new multi-university.

This is enabled by a 24/7 world class airport and new metro line linking travellers, residents and communities with Bradfield, the Western Parkland City and the world.

Development at Bradfield will be accelerated by NSW Government investment in:

  • over $1 billion to activate it as Australia’s first cyber-secure, clean energy hydrogen-ready, autonomous smart city
  • a first building housing a high-tech industrial research facility for industry and research institutions to prototype and commercialise new technologies
  • a New Education and Training model with bespoke TAFE and university training programs to deliver the skills needed for modern manufacturing.

These initiatives will be a magnet for companies looking to locate their operations for Asian growth markets. Already some of the world’s biggest companies will be partners.

There will be no better place for industry to locate. No better time for investors seeking world-scale investment opportunities. No better moment for industry to partner with each other, universities and the CSIRO to scale up new advanced technologies.

We are looking to partner with you. No advanced industry can afford to miss this growth opportunity.

Dr Jennifer Westacott AO
Chair, Western Parkland City Authority