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Engaging on procurement managed by the Western Parkland City Authority

Consulting Services

Some of the prequalification schemes used by the Western Parkland City are outlined below.

Consultants in Construction (up to $9 Million AUD)

The scheme covers construction-related consulting services such as project management, planning, engineering, security, architectural services and assessments.

Procurements under the scheme must be valued below $9 million.

Construction Works (over $1 Million AUD)

The scheme offers panels of prequalified contractors for construction and related works to service the requirements of NSW government agencies, state owned corporations, public institutions (such as universities) and NSW local government councils.

Performance and Management Services (PMS)

The PMS Scheme has a pool of suppliers prequalified to supply professional services, including consultancy, to NSW Government.

Government Architect Scheme

The Government Architect’s Strategy and Design Prequalification Scheme is focused on the delivery of strategic advice, design quality and innovation in the built environment.

Major Projects

The Western Parkland City Authority is leading a number of major projects. These include the multi-utility project, enabling works for Bradfield City Centre as well as procurement of contractors to design and build the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and the CSIRO.

In line with NSW Government best practice, these projects will be procured through open competitive tender processes. To optimise outcomes and value for money, these will usually be multi-stage processes initiated through a detailed market sounding exercise to gather industry insights and feedback.

Details of the major projects to be procured by the WPCA in the coming 36 months are outlined in the timeline.