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7. Member selection criteria

Submissions are now closed

An EOI to be a member of the NETM Industry Reference Group should address the following questions using our template and be submitted by email to [email protected].

In addition to demographic information outlined in Section 9, you will be asked to respond to the following four questions in your EOI submission:

  1. Please provide details on your current industry (or industries) of expertise for each industry relevant to the NETM (advanced manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, freight and logistics, defence and aerospace, and agribusiness). This should include the duration of your work, the types of activities you have been involved in, and any relevant strategic/leadership initiatives you have contributed towards.
  2. Please describe any previous experience you have had where you have worked to provide advice on education, skills or training for each industry sector you have detailed in question 1.
  3. Please outline how you will make a positive contribution to the NETM Industry Reference Group and why you want to be involved.
  4. Please confirm you can commit to prepare for and attend 1.5-hour monthly meetings from January 2023 - December 2023. Please list any exclusions to your availability that you are aware of at the current time.

Information contained within the submissions received will not be held as confidential information and will be subject to the below:

  • WPCA will determine at its sole discretion if applicants have met the selection criteria to participate in the process.
  • WPCA may, at its sole discretion, accept, exclude, consider or not consider any EOI submission it receives.