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6. Member selection process

Submissions are now closed

Members of the NETM Industry Reference Group will be determined through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process. EOIs can be submitted from Thursday 20 October 2022 to Thursday 17 November 2022.

NETM IRG EOI members shaking hands

As part of the EOI process, applicants are required to answer the questions in Section 7 in writing.  A panel of senior NSW Government representatives both internal and external to the WPCA will select members of the NETM Industry Reference Group based on the applicant’s ability to meet the selection criteria. The panel will consider the balance of representation of gender, industry, and organisation type across the membership.

A probity advisor will also participate in the member selection process.

The Director, Skills & Education (Partnerships) will contact shortlisted EOI applicants for an informal phone conversation to confirm their ongoing participation interest and payment preferences, in December 2022. Membership is expected to be finalised and published on the WPCA website in advance of the first NETM Industry Reference Group meeting in late January 2023.