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5. Participation requirements

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Participation in the NETM Industry Reference Group is for one year and will involve attending 1.5-hour monthly meetings coordinated by the Western Parkland City Authority. The meetings will include an online participation option to allow for greater flexibility in attendance.

Meeting participation will require members of the NETM Industry Reference Group to review papers and prepare for meetings in advance. This may involve research into current training in the market and providing feedback to support and enrich in-session discussions. During meetings, members of the Industry Reference Group will be asked to make recommendations on micro-credential proposals and other matters that will help the NETM to be a high-quality, industry-led initiative.

Industry Reference Group members will be eligible for a payment that is intended to remunerate them for their expertise and their time spent in meetings, in line with the Public Sector Remuneration Framework. Members may choose to decline this payment (for example, if they are employed by government, or if it is undesirable for any other reason). Details of payment will be confirmed with members once selected.

Due to the competitive procurement processes involved with procuring NETM micro-credentials from the education and training market, members of the NETM Industry Reference Group will be required to make a declaration of associations and conflicts of interest before they can be appointed to the group. In addition to industry associations and conflicts, this declaration must specify any pre-existing relationships with education and training providers on the NETM Education and Training Providers Panel.

While NETM Industry Reference Group member organisations may submit proposals for NETM micro-credentials, they will be unable to participate in deliberations concerning their own proposals. Declarations will be reviewed at the start of each meeting to ensure no actual or perceived conflicts of interest relate to micro-credentials on the agenda.

Unless the Western Parkland City Authority is advised otherwise, perspectives that are provided by members verbally or in writing may be shared with the Authority and its Board, the NSW Government, relevant agencies, local councils and the general public.