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4. Role of the NETM Industry Reference Group

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NETM IRG EOI role engineer

Recommendations of the Industry Reference Group play an important role in initiating the procurement of NETM micro-credentials. The Industry Reference Group helps the Western Parkland City Authority ensure that each proposal genuinely addresses a training need that:

  1. is not being met by the current education and training market (i.e., the proposal does not duplicate existing training)
  2. provides clear benefit across an industry sector (i.e., the proposal is not for the sole benefit of the industry representative who has submitted the proposal)
  3. provides clear benefit for people living or working in the Western Parkland City.

The Industry Reference Group will also inform decisions about how the NETM can increase its impact for employers and learners, and continuously improve its delivery model.

The NETM Industry Reference Group is an advisory body, not a decision-making forum. The Western Parkland City Authority retains sole discretion in decision-making about NETM micro-credentials, NETM strategic directions, and NETM operations. However, the expert perspectives brought together in the NETM Industry Reference Group significantly enrich our understanding about how best to support current and emerging industries. The group plays a critical role in ensuring the NETM is listening to the needs of industry for the benefit of the Western Parkland City industries, employers and people.

Participation in the Industry Reference Groups provides you with an opportunity to be part of a revolutionary training and education model, shape future industries and support the development of a highly skilled talent pool for the people of the Western Parkland City.