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1. About this Expression of Interest

Submissions are now closed

This expression of interest (EOI) invites industry leaders to participate in the 2023 New Education and Training Model (NETM) Industry Reference Group, administered by the Western Parkland City Authority. 

NETM IRG EOI about scientists at microscope

The NETM Industry Reference Group is an important advisory body that makes recommendations to our senior leadership and executive team on new and innovative training programs for the Western Parkland City.

We are seeking EOIs from industry experts who are:

  • Recognised leaders in one or more of the following industries:
    • Advanced manufacturing
    • Agribusiness
    • Defence and aerospace
    • Freight and logistics
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Passionate about developing a resilient, highly skilled future workforce
  • Interested in making a genuine contribution to the current and future workforce of the Western Parkland City, and
  • Able to commit to participating in the Industry Reference Group for one year and attend a 1.5-hour meeting each month.