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Practical Foundations of Microbiology

NETM Micro-credential

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Dr Aniss Chami:

So the Practical Foundations of Microbiology focuses exclusively on understanding the microbiome that exists all around us, for two main aspects.

Number one, one of the key issues we have in pharmaceutical manufacturing is contamination by things we cannot see and that includes bacteria, viruses and fungi.

But secondly, an understanding of the myriad of microbes available in our environment is absolutely essential in manufacturing good quality probiotics, something that doesn't get taught in most universities these days.

Dr Kamal Dua:

In the microbiology micro-credential, we are going to learn about the various microorganisms, how they can actually affect the stability and shelf life of the product and why it can be hazardous once there is a contamination in the product.

So keeping all those points together in this particular micro-credential, you'll learn how we can produce a safe and effective drug delivery system which can be administered without any microbial contamination to the consumer.

These can be rolled out not only to just one industry across Australia but to the various pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, food, dairy and meat industry and all the other allied industries where there is an importance and need of the pharmaceutical advanced manufacturing skills.

Dr Aniss Chami:

I believe what NETM is achieving for all of us is finally seeing the training of individuals from the perspective of industry.

We are taking a candidate and applying real-life problems that occur in industry and giving them the skills and the tools they need to solve them critically and appropriately.

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Micro-credential overview

Microbiology is the study of all living organisms that are too small to be visible with the naked eye. It is an important area in pharmaceutical production, as it enhances staff capability and capacity for businesses delving into new food production technologies and manufacturing approaches. This micro-credential prepares learners to engage in pharmaceutical manufacturing by delivering on the learning outcomes specified below.

  • Identify and describe the different families of micro‑organisms and their functional differences
  • Understand the variety of sterilisation techniques used to ensure safety and quality in pharmaceuticals manufacturing
  • Apply sterilisation techniques to eliminate and/or mitigate the impact of different micro-organisms in products for human consumption

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