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Practical Foundations of Biology

NETM Micro-credential

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Dr Aniss Chami:
So the Practical Foundations of Biology micro-credential is focused on allowing you to understand a little bit better around herbology.

We are in Listed Medicines and most of the ingredients used are botanical ingredients, and let's face it, science always gets its ideas from nature.

So we want every single candidate to appreciate what nature can provide, especially in therapeutic value to pharmaceutical manufacturing of Listed Medicines.

Dr Kamal Dua:

Practical Foundations of Biology is a micro-credential which is developed to provide all the important information regarding the biology, cellular and molecular level of the human body.

We are going to show what are the various cellular and molecular regulatory pathways and also the important mechanisms involved when a patient takes a drug, what will happen, how it gets absorbed
and how it gets into a therapeutic action.

Dr Aniss Chami:

The skills you would learn in the micro-credential are not only applicable to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

These are skills that could be applied to a myriad of industries, and it is ultimately imperative that these skills are honed in the person's day-to-day activities around organisation, cleanliness, good quality manufacturing practices. These could be applicable to any industry that has stringent regulation, like pharmaceuticals.

Micro-credentials coupled with your existing qualifications will allow you to navigate your career progression into more senior roles, much faster because ultimately what the micro-credential is going  to do is give you that set of skills to allow you to apply that information to real life situations.

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University of Technology Sydney

Micro-credential overview

Biology is the study of living things and their vital processes. It is an important area in pharmaceutical production, as it enhances staff capability and capacity for businesses delving into new food production technologies and manufacturing approaches. This micro-credential prepares learners to engage in pharmaceutical manufacturing by delivering on the learning outcomes specified below.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of cellular nucleus biology, including DNA replication, transcription and translation
  • Describe and apply key concepts related to proteomics
  • Apply knowledge of cellular biology related to the manufacture and absorption of solid dose medications; and
  • Understand how systems used in manufacturing processes could impact cells, with particular focus on eliminating or mitigating the impact of contaminants

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