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Basic Programming and use of Collaborative Robots

NETM Micro-credential

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Allan Leung:

A cobot is a collaborative robot designed to work side by side with humans efficiently and safely. Cobots are really just here to help. They're really here to improve lives to make people's lives easier.
And really to be able to transition their skills.

This micro-credential is called 'basic programming and the use of collaborative robots', and why it's so important today is we see that the massive adoption of cobots in the future will mean that the rate of change for industry is going to be so great and so vast, that people aren't going to be able to keep up.

Luat Nguyen:

Cobots are very unique and it's one of the emerging trends in technology out there. The fact that it doesn't requires caging - it's very safe for human out there. Whatever you can imagine the cobot to do, you can do.

Learners will not only learn how to program a cobot, but they will also get the crucial hands-on experience of how this can be implemented in the future of manufacturing.

Dr Marc Carmichael:

Having an understanding about cobots, I think, will be really important going forward. There's going to be a big motivation for Australian businesses to adopt this technology so having our workers upskilled to know what cobots are, what they can do, where they should and maybe shouldn't be used, that's going to be really important moving forward.

So by the end of this micro-credential the participants will have a good robust understanding of what is a cobot, how can we use cobots? And if I'm looking into cobots for my workplace, what do I need to know? I think it's important to have a hands-on experience with cobots - it is a physical technology and there's only so much we can learn purely online.

Allan Leung:

The rate of technology growth these days is so quick that we don't anticipate what's going to come next - but what is so important today is to create an education model, such as NETM, to continually evolve with technology that we see today.

Luat Nguyen:

What I love about NETM, is that you can learn the relevant skills today and apply them immediately.

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Omron Automation + Robotics

Education Partner

University of Technology Sydney

Micro-credential overview

Collaborative robots or 'cobots' are robots that can operate safely alongside and even with human workers. Cobots are fitted with sensors that minimise the chances of close-range human injuries.  Cobots are predominantly used for tedious and repetitive tasks with more consistent and efficient outputs, while freeing up workers for more important and higher skilled roles. This micro-credential provides learners with up-to-date knowledge and hands-on practical skills in the use of collaborative robots (cobots) to meet modern industrial needs.

Upon completion of this micro-credential, learners will be able to:

  • Program a cobot using industry relevant cobot programming languages.
  • Interpret cobot specifications and use that information to select cobots and how to integrate into common industry applications.
  • Understanding of cobot safety implications, safety devices and ethics

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